BlogStar entry: surgery with makeup

BlogStar entry: surgery with makeup

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Want your face to look model perfect without the surgery? All you need is a foundation powder or matte eyeshadow that is two shades darker than your normal skin tone, as well as your trusted foundation powder that matches your skin tone.

Longer, Slimmer nose

Now we can all have a slim, elongated nose like Megan Fox, without the weeks of post-surgery! Taking your darker foundation powder, apply it using a small, eyeshadow brush down the sides of your nose near your inner cheeks and blend. This increases the length of your nose and decreases that “pudgy” look. For the part near the nostril flare, do the same: simply apply a small amount of the darker powder and blend flawlessly into the rest of your skin. Apply your normal toned foundation to the top of your nose to add a highlight.

From Double Chin to Perfectly Chiseled

Start by brushing your fingers across your jawline, getting a feel of the jawbone. Taking the same darker foundation or eyeshadow used on your nose, blend it using a large kabuki or powder brush across your neck where the chin protrudes. For a more chiseled look, take a smaller brush and lightly blend it just underneath the bone of your jawline. Next, take your normal foundation and blend upwards, from your chin to the bone. The secret of this look is to blend, blend, blend! Start by lightly brushing from the tips of your ears, across your jaw line, to your chin, and then towards the other ear.

Bigger, Brighter eyes

Taking a white coloured eye pencil, line the bottom waterline of your eyes. If your eyes are very small, line the bottom of your lashes with the same pencil and smudge out. Brush a very light colour just underneath the arch of your eyebrow and blend down towards your crease. Use a neutral coloured matte eyeshadow on your eyelids and pat down. If you can’t find a neutral colour, use your foundation. Then, take an eyeshadow with bright tones such as gold or pink and using an eyeshadow brush, lightly brush into the crease and the area just above the crease of your eye and blend out towards your eyebrows where you’ve put the highlighter colour.

For a dramatic effect and even brighter eyes, take a brown or black eye liner depending on your complexion, and line your lashes from the middle of your eye to the outside edge Next, curl your eyelashes twice. Start as close to the base as you can, hold for 10 seconds, and going up a slightly, curl again. Finally, coat your lashes using your favourite defining and lengthening mascara to complete the look.

Remember, for anything you want to accentuate and make bigger, use a brighter colour, and for anything you want to hide, use a darker colour. With a little bit of finesse you’re now magazine model perfect.

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