BlogStar entry: spring pedi

BlogStar entry: spring pedi

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Spring-time signals the start of many things – the blossoming of flowers, re-appearance of butterflies and pretty strappy heels.

ӬӬLast night I was digging around in my shoe closet and I pulled out a very cute pair of ivory leather heels with lots of funky straps and gold buckles. I popped them on and looked down with excitement and anticipation. That was, until I saw the state of my feet! There was no way I could step out of my house in perfect strappy sandals with feet that look like they belonged to a hobbit (no offence, Frodo.) Luckily, I had enough bits and bobs to get my feet into a public-appropriate state. ӬӬ

Here are my top 5 tips to get your tootsies Spring ready: ӬӬ

#1. Soak, soak, soak for super soft tootsies – ”¨”¨Fill a tub with warm water and soak your feet for a good 15 minutes to soften the skin. I like to add a little scented bath product to my foot tub to make the experience a little more ‘spa-like.’ Try adding a drop of The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Dreamy Bath Soak to your warm water for a tropical feel – it’s scented with Lotus flower and Frangipani.

”¨”¨#2. Scrub-a-dub-dub –”¨”¨There’s no point having beautifully painted toenails to show off if you have dead skin all over your feet! Giving feet a thorough scrub will help to smooth out any lumps and bumps on the skin and remove dry and flaking skin. Pay close attention to the balls of your feet, ankles and heels as these tend to be the most problematic areas. Try a scrub that’s aimed at feet such as The Body Shop peppermint Foot .
”¨#3. Put in what you take out – ”¨”¨After soaking and scrubbing your feet it’s important to put the moisture back in. Slather feet  in your favourite foot or body lotion – for spring time I love to use something sweet and fruity like The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter. Slather on and give your feet/legs a bit of a massage to stimulate blood flow which is good for the skin.

”¨”¨#4. Prepare your nails – ”¨”¨Bumpy, ridged toenails don’t make the best base for nailpolish. A quick file and buff will prepare the nail polish for a smooth and even polish application. Manicare has a huge range of products suitable for toes including a crystal nail file that is large enough for feet and orange sticks to push back messy cuticles.

”¨”¨#5. Colour me pretty!”¨”¨Last but certainly not least pop some coloured polish onto those toes for perfectly pretty feet. Traditionally I love bright reds and pinks such as OPI I’m Not Really a Waitress or Chanel Cassis but there are a plethora of other funky bright on the market to really make your toes stand out – check out brands like OPI, China Glaze and Essie for fun colours and fabulous quality.”¨”¨

Happy Spring everyone!

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