BlogStar entry: skin has feelings too

BlogStar entry: skin has feelings too

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As somewhat of a fanatic (I can hear the giggles in the background already) I have become obsessed with actives, organics, SLS and paraben free products! Where to start was the only question on my mind and so I jumped right in. My skin got worse and worse, I simply couldn’t understand what was going on. I looked at other factors in my life to blame my skin’s condition on, it had to be something other than these cosmetics which promised such wonderful things. I had pimples, rough and dry patches as well as extreme oiliness. My face was as confused as me about what I was slathering on in. ”¨”¨

My  fiancé, watched in amazement as I spent half an hour morning and night working my way through 13 different products. ‘Haven’t you heard of cosmetic acne?’ he asked almost as many times as I touched my face. I told him that these cosmetics would never be so cruel to do something like that to me, and I pressed on. Things really were not getting any better, I was cleansing, serum’ing, moisturising, masking and scrubbing…lots of scrubbing.

”¨The final straw in the skin disaster occurred three weeks ago when I was preparing to go to Perth for a family birthday party. I was laying in bed after scrubbing (yes more scrubbing), pore strip and 2 masks when said ‘my face feels like it’s on fire.’ I think he just ignored me, he’s heard it all before. The next day my skin was not happy and neither was I. It felt like sand paper all over and was flaking off in huge chunks. Disaster doesn’t even cover it!”¨”¨

Against my better judgement I only took two products with me to Perth; a cleanser and sunscreen and I bought myself a rich gentle night cream. The night of the party I hoped that no-one would get too close to me as my skin was still visibly flaky under my foundation but I put up with it. I returned home with an unscented goat’s milk soap from the Fremantle markets. It’s been two weeks now and my skin is looking better than it ever has in my teenage/adult life. My flakiness is gone, oiliness is gone and pimples are gone.  Even those pesky blackheads on my nose are reduced. When I look in the mirror I can’t help but smile.”¨”¨

I think the lesson I have leant from this experience is that skin truly does have a personality. What’s right for one person is almost certainly not perfect for someone else and jumping in the deep end of a new skincare routine is really not a great idea. My skin wants to be treated gently, it wants to be moisturised lightly and it wants to be protected from the sun. It suddenly doesn’t seem like much to ask and I should slap myself and be grateful that I don’t have fussy skin, unlike me of course.

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