BlogStar entry: September hot and not list

BlogStar entry: September hot and not list

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HOT: The latest weather – seriously hot!  I don’t know the science behind it, but I DO know that it’s come a little early for me as I’m not quite (no where near!) my pre-baby body, so there’ll be no breaking out the bikini for me just yet!! I love that I can exercise when I get home from work, and it’s not too cold to take Bella out with me.  I think we’re in for a hot summer! “a hot hot summer…” (Rhys song)

NOT: Lack of sleep being a new Mum.  It does nothing for my health, my mental state or my complextion!!  I love my baby girl, but when do they start sleeping through?? You’re talking about a Mum who practically hybernates entire weekends so that she can “catch up” on sleep… Thankfully, as we speak, I’ve just had one night when I only got up once!! These small acheivements make me deliriously happy! 

HOT: Maxi Dresses… what new Mum wouldn’t love this latest fashion trend??  I love that in every season, there is always fashion to suit those with a “fuller figure”.  I found a gorgeous one at Kmart which I’ve fallen in love with, and even though the price tag is generally around $60, it’s a sound investment, and will serve you well through summer!  Go for bright bold colours, but avoid “old” patterns – they look cheap and arent as flattering as some of the newer floral patterns!

NOT: Sunburn.  Sorry, but I’m one of those people who favours fake tan over genuine sunburn tan… and I know a fabulous spray tanner (MELINDA!) who makes you look naturally brown without the hefty price tag.  Her “techno tan” products are a natural way to tan without harsh chemicals or sun damage.

Sorry for the blatant advertising, but what can I say – I’m a fan!! And just a reminder to slip slop slap, and get those nasty moles checked regularly.  Skin Cancer is one of the biggest killers in our country, and of course- we have such beautiful outdoors, but just cover up!

HOT: Heels!! I’m so glad to be able to dig into my collection of heels and start wearing them again!! Whilst carrying the capsule makes walking in them a little difficult, my determination to wear my favourite fashion accessory prevails and I continue to clumsily walk in them!

NOT: Baby sick up… sorry to mention the unmentionable, but when Annabelle has a little sick up, and ruins the outfit I’ve taken such care to put together, I get so frustrated as my wardrobe is limited at the moment!!

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