BlogStar entry: rosy cheek

BlogStar entry: rosy cheek

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Rosey cheeks, soft smooth baby “bum” soft skin and not an enlarged orange peel pore insight.

This is the face of my grandmother, who is in her 70’s but looks more in her late 50’s. Maybe it’s the Japanese heritage, but my grandmother has no secrets, quick fixes or powerful potions. She simply sticks to one routine morning and night (which she swears by) and has done so all of her life.

My grandmother’s secret little tip and trick of the trade is…….wait for it……….!

Every morning when she wakes up she washes her face with beauty soap and scrubs her face gently with a soft wash cloth. She adds no toner, moisturiser, not even a secret serum, this is what she has been doing for the last 70 years. I know what you are thinking? How can soap and a wash cloth provide such results? Well I put it down to the “simpleness” of it all, she has kept the same routine for all these years the only other “lil” trick I can also tell of hers is a glass of water as soon as she wakes up, and a sassy brimmed hat when out in the sun.

Obviously this lil trick has worked for her as she has no “deep” lines and no really “noticeably” wrinkles. Her face is always smooth and soft to touch and she always has a natural “rose glow” to her cheeks.

If I looked liked my grandmother when I was her age, I would be very proud and happy. To me and “my grams” beauty shouldn’t be about how much you buy, or how expensive items are. To me Beauty is simple; when you wake and before you sleep keep your routine simple, always have a hat on and drink lots of water. My grandma has been doing this for years even when all the magic potions, lotions and creams have been ever “evolving”.

So her advice to me and what I would like to share with my fellow B&H’s is, KEEP IT SIMPLE and be positive. Inner confidence get’s you a long way.

You are all beautiful. Just keep positive. Be Happy

Love, peace n’ pout

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