BlogStar entry: RetinA cream

BlogStar entry: RetinA cream

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Your skin has many enemies but the number one culprit is the sun.  Should you be placing sun block on children?  Absolutely, the younger you apply sun block the better.  Everyone – women and men alike want to have that sun kissed look, however, at what price?  Spending years  purchasing miracle creams to keep your skin looking young because when you had the chance to protect it you blew it.

You do need to wear a hat during summer, apply sun block at regular intervals, and wear sunglasses year round to protect the vulnerable skin underneath your eyes.  Yes, I wear sunglasses year round and I live in Melbourne not exactly the hottest city in the world.

If you have not followed the golden rules for great skin then there are products available that can reverse a fair amount of the damage that has already occurred.

Exfoliating is your new best friend.  It removes dead skin cells and improves the texture and condition of your skin.

There are many ways to exfoliate, and Retin-A is the new cream or gel on the block, it is based on Vitamin A and can be prescribed by your Doctor.

Talk it over with your General Practitioner before you obtain the prescription, as it is important that you are fully aware of the side effects.

Retin-A Cream started out as a product to clear acne.  It is becoming popular as a very effective exfoliation method.  A prescription from your Doctor should cost less than $40.00; a product with less concentration of Retin-A is available in lower dosages in products available in skin care lines.

Once you have the box then read the detailed information to apply it correctly.

It is recommended that it should be applied every night for three to four weeks followed by approximately three times a week for several weeks.  You will soon see that you skin is clear and translucent as all of the dead skin cells have been removed.  

For the rest of your body use a good loofah to remove the dead skin cells.  It is also helpful to brush your skin when it is dry to remove those pesky dead skin cells.

The important thing is to invest in your skin at an early age and it will save you a fortune when you are supposedly over the hill.  From experience, I can say that my skin looks renewed and I don’t have acne.  I have not had Botox or a facelift as many people assume, my only reason for the explanation of my glowing skin is Retin-A Cream.

It is never too late to start taking your skin seriously as something to be treated every day of your life not for special occasions.  

Do not wait another day your skin is ageing as you are reading this article my only hope is that if you are sitting buy a pool tanning (be still my beating heart) then you are partially protected by something learnt here.

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