BlogStar entry: primer review

BlogStar entry: primer review

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The first time I heard about primer I was suspicious – what’s so wrong with my normal face cream?

Oh how mistaken I was. The night I lost my “primer-ginity”, I was going to a black-tie party and wore enough makeup to make Dita Von Teese look underdone. Dinner, drinks and dancing later, I arrived home as the sparrows were chirping and hopped (okay – stumbled) into bed in a full face of makeup.”¨”¨

Upon wakening my head was exploding but my makeup looked almost freshly applied.

Nothing had moved except my hair (which now resembled Tina Turner in a wind tunnel). ӬӬ

And so began my love affair with primer. The difference between primer and any normal face cream is (not surprisingly) what’s in it. ”¨”¨

The non-geek description is: primers contain stuff which makes your makeup stay on longer. ӬӬ

The scientific description is: primers contain polymers, silicone and wax-based ingredients which act as a buffer, bonding products to the skin and dramatically increasing longevity of makeup. (And to think I failed science class, twice).

I’ve owned about 15-20 different brands and here are three worth getting into a long-term relationship with:”¨”¨

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm (about $50AUD for a decent-sized bottle)

More of an emergency rescue device than a primer, this wondrous cream deserves a special mention. It erases most signs of fatigue and leaves skin tighter and brighter than a Cappa Cappa Delta cheerleader. A very thin layer is all you need (otherwise it’s prone to caking). Added bonus: applied liberally and it doubles as an effective pick-me-up face mask.”¨”¨

MAC Prep + Prime (about $45AUD)ӬӬ

I have a thing for presentation and the sleek, panther-like elegance of the black MAC packaging is, well… sexy.  Sexiness aside, this delivers results and will give your makeup an extra 6-8 hours of staying power. It fills in fine gaps and lines, sort of like a girl’s version of poly-filler! It has a subtle luminous finish, meaning it deflects light and departs a radiant glow without being ‘sparkly’. I dislike products which claim to be luminous, but just make you look like you’ve smeared your face in cheap glitter. This doesn’t do that. I heart Prep + Prime. It just works.”¨”¨”¨

Australis Primer ($13.95AUD)

Remember those ultra-daggy Australis ads from the 80s? Girls with teased fringes and frosted mauve lipstick? And let’s not forget the Australis eu de toilette (oh, the toilet?) – the gift every Mum had to fake a happy face for on Mother’s Day. Since those dark days, Australis has been yanked into the new millenium and now boasts a great range of products. The primer is no exception. It does what it says: prevents skin from absorbing foundation,  fills in little lines, smells gorgeous – and it’s cheap. So cheap you may as well buy two.”¨”¨PS: If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere sunny, check for one with SPF. ”¨”¨Now don’t get me started on primers for the lips and eyelids. Another time…”¨”¨

Happy priming!ӬӬ

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