BlogStar entry: perfume musings

BlogStar entry: perfume musings

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Its obvious that you really like a perfume or makeup item when you notice it with awe on someone else and feel compelled to ask what it is that they’re wearing, already plotting how you will get your hands on it. Only to discover that you already own said item. ”¨”¨

This happened to me the other day when I was having a cup of coffee with my mum. She was talking about an up and coming trip she had planned and was gesticulating wildly (as she tends to when talking about holidays!) but all I could concentrate on was the beautiful smell being whipped around by her hands.

”¨”¨“What on earth are you wearing?” I demanded, thinking to myself I must have it. ”¨She clarified that I had purchased it for her and then I remembered making an Etsy order with a perfume each for her and my sister, as surprise gifts.”¨”¨

Wiggle perfume oil in Honeysuckle and Sweet Tea was the bewitching scent my mother had on, a gift from me because I felt that my love for Wiggle needed to be shared.ӬӬ

Honeysuckle and Sweet Tea was one of the samples I purchased in my very first Wiggle order. After testing the sample out only once I promptly ordered a bottle for myself and for my mum, knowing she would love it. It includes notes of black tea, sweet honeysuckle and golden honey.ӬӬ

It’s a warm weather scent conjuring the image of honeysuckles stewing in the humidity of a summer’s day. They honeysuckles appear sweet and fresh at first, with the tiniest hint of greenery behind the potent white flowers. The tea helps to tone down the sweetness, adding a homely feel and stopping the scent from being cloying. The base of honey gives an overarching golden warmth and richness to this sent, grounding the flowers and tea with it’s dense aroma.

”¨”¨It really is like sitting outside on a summers day when the air is filled with the scent of white flowers and drinking a cup of iced tea that has been sweetened with honey. It’s a familiar scent and I would even go as far as to say I find it to be a comfort scent.”¨”¨

Wiggle puts this image forward for this fragrance ‘This scent is my attempt to capture the old-timey sensuality of a dewy brow, a cotton sundress clinging to humid curves, and a cold glass of sweet tea.’ I imagine myself as a Southern Belle in a white eyelet dress with a large floppy sunhat shading my eyes when wearing this fragrance.

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