BlogStar entry: passion for polish

BlogStar entry: passion for polish

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this thing for nail polish…… It all started when I was about six years old, I can remember seeing my Mum all dressed up and ready to go out. Seeing her Blood Red toes nails poking out of her strappy high heels sandals, I thought she looked so glamorous!

A few years on and I was allowed to get my sticky little fingers on Mum’s nail polish collection, WOW, I thought, why just paint your toe nails when it would look so much prettier all the way up your toes?! Well, needless to say it was a long time until I was trusted with her nail polish collection again!

Skip quite a few years ahead and I still have an obsession with my nail polish, and my collection is ever expanding. (I have a draw in my bathroom just for nail polish!)
One of the things I love about nail polish is that it’s a cheap and cheerful way to brighten up any outfit, another reason is because it does not matter if you have sensitive skin, like me, you can still use it! What’s not to love about it? It comes in just about every shade imaginable and can be done at home in a pinch…….

I’d have to say that my favourite nail polish brand would have to be OPI….. The colour range is just mind boggling and I just love their witty little names too. I’d love to know who thinks up their names…. Would be fascinating!

At last count I had 20 OPI nail polishes…. here are some of my favourites:
“That’s hot pink!”
“A grape fit!”
“No room for the blues!”
“Lincoln park after midnight!”
I could go on and on, but you get the picture, I’m a nail polish junkie!
So next time you’ve got a special occasion coming up, look to the mighty nail polish, it will finish off your look perfectly……
Oh and by the way, gracing my toe nails today is “that’s hot pink!” but who knows what I’ll feel like tomorrow…. And that’s the beautiful thing about nail polish, if you change your mind, just wipe it off and start again!

Have fun Ladies….. I’m off to admire my collection…..

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