BlogStar entry: my beauty-full world

BlogStar entry: my beauty-full world

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I am a fully-fledged beauty junky. I have perfected my habit over 3 decades, from an early fascination of my Mother’s bathroom vanity.

I’ll never forget my first trip to the Clinique counter where aged 13, I left with a bag full of my 3 step skincare and a couple of makeup essentials. Life was changed forever and it was love at first purchase.

Since that poignant day I’ve spent many years, days, hours and many a pretty penny on the newest, latest must have products. I am  on a first name basis with the staff of Myer and David Jones’s cosmetic department, Mecca and Mac and I have an addiction to quick retail cosmetic fixes from Priceline, Chemists and Supermarkets. Whether it’s a luxe purchase from La Mer or a bargain buy from Maybelline, I can justify them all.

It’s too hard to choose one product to review, instead here’s some of my current fave’s- Hissyfit saving face 30+ moisturising foundation, Eve Lom’s multi tasking cleanser, Wen hair cleanser and L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara. But that’s barely scratching the surface. I can’t help it. I just love the pretty colours, beautiful textures, shiny packaging and delicious aromas but most of all I love the rush and excitement of trying a product for the first time. I am filled with hope and optimism and I have enormously high expectations so I expect them to deliver what they promise.

Allow me to elaborate on a particular fave product that’s become my Must Have- Hissyfit Saving Face. A proudly Australian product that delivers and excels in it’s field- in my humble opinion. It’s a moisturising tinted sunscreen with superb coverage, great colours and the added benefits of anti ageing botanical extracts. Previous combination sunscreen- foundations have left me a little, shall we say- slimy. The girls at Hissyfit have helped me leave the oil slick look behind with the confidence of high sun protection.

I am now also the new Mother of a 5 month old bub, you would think my beauty fascination would have waned but no, I just need to be even more efficient and organised. After all, I have a whole new world of baby products to explore! My favourite already, Burt’s Bee’s- natural, non irritating and delicious and the adult range is fabulous too, it was a pregnancy must have. I love the Apricot oil and Mama Bee belly butter. Post pregnancy I’ve now added the Radiance Body Lotion with mica. It gives a subtle glistening to my skin, perfect for Summer. The Baby Bee products leave my little girl smelling positively edible and I love that they are natural and phthalate and paraben-free. Bath time is better with Baby Bee Bubble Bath and Shampoo and Wash, but the Diaper Ointment with sweet Almond Oil has been particularly fabulous in keeping a sore tooshie at bay. Bless you Burt’s Bees!

Well that’s this week anyway, who knows what next week will bring? What products will be released? What advancements might be discovered?
It’s a never-ending world of discovery- A Beauty- Full World!  

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