BlogStar entry: men!

BlogStar entry: men!

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My boyfriend does not understand my cosmetic addiction. In fact none of the men in my life do, or ever have. I always get the roll of the eyes when I emerge from the bathroom covered in green goo. In fact my partner is convinced cosmetic companies design their products to make your skin worse so you’ll buy more cosmetics. They don’t…right? Sometimes I try and defend myself with various excuses but mostly I don’t bother. It just seems to be one of those things that’s accepted, women love beauty products, men will never understand.
Unfortunately this harmonious state, agreeing to disagree, has been somewhat overturned in my house after a mishap in the bathroom the other day.  I dropped my Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser on the floor of the shower and ever so slightly damaged the lid. A few days later while looking for something I noticed that the cleanser had still leaked onto the shelf of our new bathroom cabinet, not thinking anything of it I grabbed a cloth. What happened next horrified me. Not only did the mess wipe away but so did the white paint. I stood there in disbelief for a minute looking at the dark semi-circle staring back at me from the perfect white shelf. I was annoyed that there was now an imperfection on the cabinet which was only a few weeks old. My fiancé on the other hand saw it differently.
When I showed him the mark apologetically he only had one thing to say, ‘and you put that on your face!’
He went on later to point out that when you buy products from the hardware store designed to strip paint they come with strong warnings to wear gloves and eye protection, keep away from skin and naked flames. Ouch, I didn’t know what to say. I really didn’t have an answer for this one at all. No matter what I said I don’t think I was going to convince him that putting a product on your face that could strip paint was a good idea. Even I had to wonder about the effects of something so harsh.
The experience has not deterred me from using cosmetics. I realise that all types of skincare needs to be used with caution and I have been burned (pun intended) in the past by going a little too hard too fast. Right now I am building up to a more active skincare routine and I am noticing positive results which, I think speak for themselves. It seems though that no results can ever convince my partner that these types of products are good for you. This episode has not helped my case in any way all, rather it has set back all that effort I put into explaining cosmetics in the first place. In fact I think that it’s always going to be a wasted effort trying to explain it to a man.

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