BlogStar entry: how not to be beautiful

BlogStar entry: how not to be beautiful

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There are some beauty mistakes we just have to make. When I was younger, I read in Dolly that eggs make hair look fuller. Having limp, mousy brown hair, this seemed perfect for me. I devised a plan: I’d use it, turn up at school with awesome hair, and everyone will want to know my secret! I’d be a star! What I didn’t know back then is it was more “egg wash,” less “egg.”

My 13-year-old feet stepped into the shower, my hands gently holding the egg I had carefully selected from the fridge. After my shampoo routine, I held the egg over my head, ready to crack. Working the yolk and whites into my hair, I suddenly realised this may not have been a good idea. I had become a human omelette. It was probably psychological, but I swear my hair smelled like rotten eggs for an entire month after, and my hair? Limp as ever.

My hair blunders didn’t stop there. Almost a year later, I was watching my neighbour fix her hair for a big night out. She sat in front of an ironing board as her husband ironed her hair. I kid you not. Hair. Was. Ironed. I’ve come to learn that I should always treat people who subject their spouses to follicle abuse with suspicion, but to my younger self, this seemed like an even quicker way to get sexy, straight hair.

Needless to say, after numerous protests from my mum and selecting the silk setting on the iron, my hair experienced more heat that day then it had all year. The result was gorgeous: silky, smooth, incredibly shiny hair that lasted two weeks (I was using dry shampoo), with no frizzing. It wasn’t worth the eventual follicle damage, so now I offer this advice: do not iron your hair. Use a straightening iron. There’s a difference. Trust me.

The beauty of life is that we always make mistakes, and we’re always learning from them. There are other, smaller lessons I’ve learned: always bring makeup remover wipes when trying samples. Epilators are not for everywhere. Hair dye is not eyebrow dye. Apart from getting some war stories I can now laugh at, I’m still willing to take these beauty risks because I’ve found some real gems that make me stand out in the crowd – in a good way.

Most of all, I’ve learned the key to life and beauty is confidence. It gives you the right attitude, and with that you can pull off anything.

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