BlogStar entry: honey, it’s funny the things you do!

BlogStar entry: honey, it’s funny the things you do!

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Natural, sweet and an effective body treat honey is sweetening my beauty regime trickle by trickle. Since ancient times honey has been highly regarded for amazing healing, medicinal and nutritional properties as it’s rich in nutrients, enzymes and has a high antioxidant content. Minus the technical mumbo-jumbo honey is an effective beauty ingredient which provides some wonderful nutritional value to hair, nails and skin. A handy moisturiser, astringent and antiseptic agent, anti-inflammatory and natural cleanser it helps increase renewal of skin cells which in turn leaves skin looking and feeling softer and younger, helping with anti-ageing. The longer it’s used the more effective results are seen with it helping skin to look more radiant and smooth, reducing wrinkles over time helping skin stay fresh, hydrated and calmed. It’s easy to see why Winnie the Poo loved honey so much! Slatherings of honey infused products from head-to-toe sounds sweet to me, especially knowing that it’s a natural option to help with ageing.

For body I love Burt’s Bees Body Butter Cocoa & Macadamia Nut ($29.95) 98.5% natural this beauty restores moisture all over, hydrating skin helping to keep it soft. Never fails to fix dry, rough patches. A great body butter with beeswax that really rejuvenates skin. Don’t forget to massage a little into hands, nails and cuticles for added moisture and protection. L’oréal Elvive Re-Nutrition Deep Nourishing Masque ($11.45) uses royal jelly to nourish dry hair and restore locks to a soft, shiny and supple state. Even on long hair this tub lasts and is great for a weekly hair perk me-up. While Lóccitane’s Honey Face Cream ($44.95) will soften, hydrate and leave skin moisturised and protected from the environment.

With so many great products harnessing the power of honey the most exciting “Buzz Factor” is that you can make your own DIY products to use at home. So simple, effective and fast to do here are a few tricks you can do to make honey fuelled skincare using organic, Manuka or any honey you like……

The easiest is a honey face mask, this helps sensitive and dry skin feel calmed thanks to the honey component.
Simply rinse your face with warm water to open pores. Apply honey (slightly warmed for easier spreading if desired) using fingertips or a foundation brush over the face and neck. Leave for up to 30minutes then rinse off with warm water. After the honey’s removed gently rinse again with cool water to close pores. Hair conditioning treatments a hive of fun if you combine ½ cup honey with up to ¼ cup olive oil (less olive oil if your hair’s oily) Massage into your scalp, apply shower cap wait 30minutes and rinse as usual. Leaves hair silky, shiny and chemical-free, great for sensitive scalps.

Even the busiest bee can add 1/4cup of honey to warm bath water to help promote soft, silky skin, too easy. Honey’s the best secret for Bee-utiful skin without stinging your budget!

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