BlogStar entry: having a gift

BlogStar entry: having a gift

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Well , on paper and qualification wise, I don’t know squat when it comes factual knowledge on Beauty! I have always believed that everyone is born with a gift – something they are exceptionally good at without really trying. Mine certainly isn’t sport, art, dancing or music as I have found out the hard way – in front of large audiences!

Determined to discover “my gift” one day not so long ago I realized it was right in front of me the whole time. My friends had told me time and time again and have always come to me for advice. I am known within my circle for my extensive knowledge  of beauty tips and tricks.  Yes, you may think this is a shallow gift to take credit for but I guarantee that you will religiously log onto my blog and your life will change as you know it. Here a couple of my ol’ faithfuls to get you started and will leave you thirsting for more!! But, I am sorry, on a 500 word limit, you won’t be getting any more. Not today!

Unsightly veins on your legs! Yuck!! You may as well put a sign on your forehead that reads “I’ve had it, it’s all downhill from here”. Solution – Flesh toned zinc stick. Perfect colour, staying power like no other and best of all – CHEAP!

With the vein issue solved you are going to want those legs to look even more flawless and what else to hide a myriad of sins but fake tan. Don’t have the tell tale white feet and hands and blotchiness. Mix your favourite fake tanning lotion with a nice moisturizer and not only will it be easier to apply, and have a more even coverage but you will get much more bang for your buck!  Without wanting to name drop, St Tropez has a bluey-green base so more cocoa than orange.  Be classy, not brassy!

Ok,  so we’re all lip-gloss mad at the moment and if your handbag’s anything like mine your wallet and phone are really out-numbered in there! I take one of my shimmer eye shadow palettes along for the ride and not only does it double as a cupid’s bow enhancer it is an instant lip plumper. A subtle dab in the middle of your lips gives you a sexier, fuller pout that screams “god I look good!”

So, that’s me with your three! Three little simple tips that will change your life forever! Well, perhaps not  but  I promise, they’re worth a try.

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