BlogStar entry: haircare heaven – Kerastase Nutritive review

BlogStar entry: haircare heaven – Kerastase Nutritive review

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After passing the agonising hump that was two weeks sans nicotine, I decided to splash on out on some Kerastase Nutritive shampoo, conditioner and treatment. I’m not adverse to spending money on product, however, I must admit that I did gulp when I handed over my plastic and discovered that it came to $120! I found myself paralysed mid transaction, caught between wondering what the etiquette was with changing my mind after she had already scanned the items (and I confess I wasn’t sure if I could be one of those people for fear of looking stingy) and my desire to own what was my new had to have otherwise my life would come to an end product. My addiction (not interested in the slightest about the state of my bank balance), of course took over and quickly keyed in my pin number for me.

Exiting the shop, I was immediately engulfed with that mixed sense of emotions that comes with an extravagant purchase you shouldn’t really have made. That wonderful high that you can’t quite fully relish in, because it is being tarnished with a nagging underlying feeling that you have done something wrong and there will be some kind of consequence for it. The only way to make it go away was to engage in my theory that one can always justify a purchase. After a quick rearrangement of perspective, I managed to eradicate the sickening feeling with the premise that I had just quit smoking and had already saved myself $280 this month. By all accounts, I still had another $160 to blow.

As soon as I arrived home, I hit the shower for the moment of truth (even though I ‘d already had one that morning and it was only 3pm in the afternoon). The smell transcended me to new realms of delight and made me feel all good inside – I was officially in hair care heaven. The smell was also eliciting memories of first dates, ridiculously short skirts and fake ID as I tried to get into nightclubs; and I remembered this was the brand I used when I was 17. This hair care reconnaissance was rather soothing to my soul indeed.

I am in love with how silky, soft and shiny my hair feels after just one wash. I am however, hesitant to declare my undying love as hair products are rather a fickle lot. After months of searching high and low for the right brand, it will stop working for you after a few bottles. It’s like thinking you’ve finally met the one and then without warning you get unceremoniously dumped. No explanation – just some lame excuse that it wasn’t working out between the two of you anymore.

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