BlogStar entry: get glowing without going oompa loompa

BlogStar entry: get glowing without going oompa loompa

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There’s lots of ways to get a glow on the skin, but without getting sweaty in the gym.
I noticed MANY blogs and sites recommend MAKEUP products, but there’s more to a glowing fresh skin than makeup. Besides the obvious diet and exercise which I can’t really advise you about as I’m not an exercise or diet coach. BUT I can be your skin coach.

Let’s start with the basics people. No matter how great your makeup technique and products are, its gonna go to waste if you dont have a great skincare routine going first. Makeup isn’t JUST a cover up, it should enhance your skin.

We all have our favorites, so, I’m not going to tell you, your skin products are wrong. I have the products i use, and they work well for me.

I’ve used a few different brands, ranging from Clinique 3 steps, to DIOR, where i used the hydraction range, and now, I’m a huge fan of Australian made Ultraceuticals.

All these ranges have an exfoliator. No matter what you read or what your beautician tells you, you need to exfoliate with a gentle scrub or a chemical exfoliator more than once a week. Exfoliating removes all the dead flaky skin cells, and reveals a brighter complexion, makes your makeup look more smooth and even, and your moisturiser absorbs more easily.

It’s also important to exfoliate the skin on your body too.
The benefits: it feels more like baby skin, makes shaving/waxing easier (and stops ingrown hair), your body moisturiser will absorb quickly instead of sitting on the skin feeling greasy, and if you fake tan, it will go on smoothly, instead of looking patchy.

These are the basics for most women (and men).
If you are using specific medicated skin care, have very sensitive skin/dermatitis, using medication for acne, or are currently undergoing chemo, ask your dermatologist, as there are some people who can’t use exfoliators.

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