BlogStar entry: first impressions – job interview makeup

BlogStar entry: first impressions – job interview makeup

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Has the global economic crisis hit home? Do you suddenly find yourself on the job interview merry-go-round? One of the most important parts of interviewing is presentation. A first impression really does make a difference. This is why I have my interview beauty routine well organised and go through the same steps to make sure I’m always looking my best.
Cleanse beforehand as usual with something gentle that isn’t going to cause any irritations and skip the moisturiser and go for a creamy primer instead. I usually wash my makeup off as soon as I get home so I only need it to be flawless for an hour or two and shine can be very off-putting.
Here are my tips for perfect interview makeup.
•    Foundation – Use the best one you have or the one you have the most experience with, this is not the time to be experimenting with new products, stick with what you know.
•    Concealer – Cover any dark circles with a creamy formulation, your potential employer does not need to know you were so nervous you didn’t sleep a wink a last night.
•    Asses any imperfections after you’ve applied foundation, only apply concealer if necessary. Often offices have harsh fluorescent lighting which can emphasise your attempts at covering blemishes.
•    Eyes – Go for neutral colours, they work no matter what clothes you have on and it requires less thought if it’s early morning or you’re in a hurry.  I like to use a bone shadow all over the lid and taupe in the crease. I also apply a thin line of waterproof eyeliner as it won’t smudge yet still gives definition.
•    Mascara – Curl lashes and apply mascara. Leave the false lashes and Dior Blackout for fluttering at the cutie from accounting once you score the job!
•    Blush – Again, go with what you know. Use your everyday blush, you know how to do it and know it will look great.
•    Lips – Go a bit special on the lips. Even if you don’t usually wear lipstick today might be the day to put some on. Use a natural shade, pinks or nudes work well. If you have a male interviewer and you are not wearing lipstick he probably won’t appreciate the effort you’ve gone to with everything else, men! A female interviewer might be put off by a bright shade and a gloss might be a bit too subtle.
•    Finally a dab of powder on the T-Zone if you need it and check those teeth for lipstick!
I like to blow-dry my hair the night before keeping it neat and simple and wear a sweet perfume, not something that’s going to daze and confuse the interviewer with an overpowering aroma.
Take powder and lipstick with you for a quick touch up in the car and then give the interview your best shot. You know you have done everything possible to win that job. Life is too short to regret not looking your best!

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