BlogStar entry: Bio Oil: isn’t she lovely

BlogStar entry: Bio Oil: isn’t she lovely

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Everyone has one. You know, that wonder product that always seems to fix everything. For some it’s Lucas’ Papaw Ointment, for others it’s NIVEA Soft Intensive Moisturising Crème. What’s mine you say? I thought you’d never ask.

Enter stage left: Bio Oil.

There’s nothing this product can’t do. It fades scars and stretch marks, evens out skin tone, is crazy effective on ageing and dehydrated skin, and will even cook you tea. Ok, so I lied about the last one but wow, this product is multi-talented.

In winter, my skin was dry. And by dry, I mean at times embarrassingly flaky. After all that cold wind, blows of hot air from the heater and a few left over crumbs from the pasty I ate at lunch, my face was the queen of Flakesville. Desperate to pack up and move out of town quicker than you can say pasty face, I reached for a bottle of Bio Oil and slathered it all over my face quick smart. Yes that’s right. I put it on my face. And boy did Bio Oil work a treat. There wasn’t a flake in sight.

Bio Oil may be made for those trying to fade scars and stretch marks but if dehydrated skin is unfortunately your thing, try this baby. Rub it in at night after a thorough cleanse while your skin is still damp for maximum effect. The next morning you skin will be glowing. Trust me.

Ever since that first night we met, Bio Oil and I haven’t spent a night apart.

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