Big beauty

Big beauty

If you’re already on beautyheaven’s newsletter mailing list you can safely assume you’re a bona fide beautyheaven member (you clever thing you!). But did you know that you’re moments away from big beauty bonuses?

Get with the program – our Loyalty program that is! Gushing over a new lip gloss, obsessing about this season’s eye shadow shades and gas bagging about beauty products can earn you loyalty points. Yes, really. And points mean prizes you know.

How to: earn points and get pretty

Review a product
Comment on an article
Send an article or product details to a friend
Chat in the forum

The above actions will earn you points. Hit 100 points and a glitzy gift will be sent direct to your doorstep. Earn over 500 points and you’ll be falling over a fabulous reward delivered to your front door.

You’d have to be stark raving mad not to want to take part in beautyheaven’s Loyalty program.  It’s totally free, nada, with no catch.

Member musings 

“There’s nothing not to love about beautyheaven! I got a beautifully packaged Elizabeth Arden eyeliner as my purple loyalty gift and I love it! BH is indeed a wonderful place to share and learn new beauty ideas and tips and read about new products!”    pink sparkles

“Beautyheaven keeps me informed on the latest and greatest products. Plus it’s lovely to get products to trial every now and then. It is a pleasure to review products because I am passionate about trialing new products and giving my opinion about them.”        annibaby

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