The best way to lose weight (and keep it off for good)

The best way to lose weight (and keep it off for good)

Struggling to find the best way to lose weight? For many of us, weight loss can seem tough. Really tough. But according to My Kitchen Rules’ star and personal trainer Scotty Gooding, we can shift those excess kilos.

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“All you need is a little focus, a lot of dedication, and a willingness to change your life for the better,” says Scotty. Keep scrolling for the personal trainer’s top 10 commandments for how to lose weight… 

MKR’s Scott Gooding’s 10 commandments of weight loss: 

#1 “Eat clean”

Always choose foods that are nutrient dense, and avoid processed or refined foods. This means pre-packaged food is no longer on the menu.

#2 Move your body daily  

Regardless of your work schedule, you should always aim to move your body for at least 20 minutes each day. Better yet, make three of these weekly sessions high intensity training to ensure you’re elevating your heart rate for better weight loss results.

#3 Boost your metabolism  

Forget weight loss pills. To kick start your metabolism, always tuck into a healthy breakfast that is a mix of protein, low GI carbs and fats. 

#4 Avoid grains 

The proteins found in grains are often difficult for us to digest and can also cause inflammation. Limit them from your daily meals as much as possible.

#5 Eat protein at every meal

Protein keeps you fuller for longer and is packed full of minerals and vitamins, which means it’ll nourish your body and prevent unhealthy snacking later on.  

#6 Drink apple cider vinegar

Have one to three spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar daily, as it promotes weight loss amongst a myriad of other health benefits. You can dilute it with water if the sour taste is too much.

#7 Avoid refined or added sugar

Fructose inhibits our body’s trigger to tell us when we are full. This is why we are able to gorge on sugary foods, which ultimately hinders any weight loss goal. Avoiding refined or added sugar will help you manage your appetite

#8 Eat regularly throughout the day

When you skip a meal and your blood sugar drops as a result, it’s tempting to grab a quick yet unhealthy meal for a quick fix. Always plan ahead so you don’t find yourself caught out. 

#9 Use your primal instincts

Make sure your daily training incorporates functional training. This means incorporating exercises that mimic movements practiced in everyday situations. We are primal beings designed to pull, push, lift, drag and climb, so make sure your workout mirrors this. The more joints we use, the more muscles we use, which results in more energy expended. 

#10 Do not starve yourself

The best way to lose weight is to listen to your body – if it’s hungry, feed it. Just be sure to eat clean, nutrient-dense, non-processed foods.

What are your tips for losing weight the healthy way? Have you read Scotty’s tips for staying fit during winter yet?

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