The best time of day to (successfully) work out


Finding the motivation to work out can be really tough – so when you eventually pull yourself off the couch, you want to make the painstaking process worth your while.

We’ve come across a little gem of research that may help: Apparently, morning exercisers are more likely to get results.

Why? Well, according to this recent Jawbone data analysis, early bird exercisers are more likely to work out consistently

The stats, taken from more than a million people, show those who exercise in the am tend to do so three or more times per week.

The magic hour? 6am, believe it or not.

To my surprise (read: not a morning person), about 11 percent of the people who sweat three or more days a week exercised at 6am – a far greater percentage than any other hour of the day.

Five am was the second most popular time for consistent exercisers (yeah, no thanks), followed by 9am (getting warmer). 

By contrast, people who were inconsistent with their workouts tended to hit the gym around 6pm. 

Which means that post-work exercise slot doesn’t really do us any extra favours (even though it’s definitely still better than nothing). 

Sooo who else is setting their alarm for 5:45 tomorrow?

This better be worth it. Just sayin’…

Do you exercise at a consistent time, or do you prefer to change it up? What other things help you stay motivated?

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