This Is The Best Season To Start Up A New Romance, According To An Expert

This Is The Best Season To Start Up A New Romance, According To An Expert

Which season is the best for starting a new romance? If your answer was winter, so was ours. After all, it makes sense right? Cold weather calls for cosy nights at home watching movies and cooking dinner (AKA prime date night activities).

But forget everything you thought you knew about winter being synonymous with relationships; according to the experts, it turns out summer is actually the Cupid of the seasons.


Why is summer the best season for dating?

“Summer is seen as a time to find new romance because it is usually considered the season that is all about fun, novelty and adventure,” psychotherapist, Elizabeth Fedrick, told Well + Good. “There is a sense of being young and carefree associated with the summertime which often leads to the desire to meet and interact with new people.”

Plus, according to a Google trends study, searches related to relationships and sex significantly peak over the summer months. Very interesting indeed.

For us Aussies, December through February means time off work, holiday parties, sunset drinks and often 80 per cent of the year’s socialising crammed into three warm months. Which, in turn, makes it easier to meet and get to know new people.

“My patients who are single have reported that in the summertime they feel more relaxed because the days are longer and this motivates them to go on dates,” shared sex therapist, Lee Phillips.

As a result of the relaxed atmosphere of summer barbecues and beach days, relationships will blossom without the pressure of being pushed to “couple up”. Cute.

So, the verdict is in, summer is the season of romance and new flings. 

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Did this surprise you? Which season do you associate with romance?

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  1. It doesn’t surprise me and makes perfect sense it’s when I would presume this happens. I have been with my husband for 16 years since I was 19 so not something I experience.

  2. I can agree with this. My husband and I started dating in early January and have been together close to 25 years now. I might not have gone out with him if he’d called me during the winter months when all I want to do is stay in.

  3. If I had to choose, I’d say summer! there is so much more you can do and activities and I think bonding time is romantic.. I’m not a fan of just staying indoors all the time .. gets a bit boring.

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