6 body supplements that are actually beneficial

6 body supplements that are actually beneficial

It takes only five seconds in the supplements aisle at your local chemist to realise this is an oversaturated market. With shelves and shelves of coloured tablets promising glowing skin, relaxed muscles and a better sleep, it’s hard not to become overwhelmed with choice. 

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And with the impressive array of before and afters on Instagram showing thin hair evolving into thick, luscious locks after the work of ‘miracle’ supplements, these quick add-to-cart moments are getting increasingly harder to resist. 

But as with anything directly linked to our health, it’s crucial to be sure that you are purchasing from a trusted, reliable brand and not just falling for a placebo, perfectly-marketed product.

Going hand-in-hand with a balanced and nutritious diet, supplements can help stay on top of deficiencies, cope with sleeplessness or stress and give our immune system the support it needs to ward off the flu during a cold winter. 

For six supplements that your body will actually benefit from, here are our top picks.

Kynd Women’s Multivitamin + Skin

We say: Realistically, if taking any more than one supplement a day just isn’t sustainable for you, Kynd’s multivitamin is the easy, all-in-one alternative. Formulated specifically for women, it supports everything from energy levels to immunity, plus skin health and the formation of collagen. 

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Swisse Ultiboost Vitamin D

We say: Sufficient levels of vitamin D are closely linked to bone, teeth and brain health. And as we continue to move head first into what already looks like one chilly, wet winter, vitamin D is a welcome edition when it comes to boosting our immunity and keeping the flu at bay. The best bit? These affordable, 5-star rated supplements are only $13.

You say: “Super easy to swallow as are tiny, no lingering after taste and are a good every day Vitamin D supplement if you need a bit of a Vitamin D boost.” – kittykittyrawr

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Nu Skin Tégreen 97

We say: If those unwelcome and all too common feelings of mild anxiety, stress, tension and the inability to get a good night’s sleep are creeping in, Nu Skin’s have formulated a highly concentrated green tea supplement to provide some sweet relief. 

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Nature’s Way Beauty Rosehip + Collagen Gummies

We say: In one of the only instances where eating pink lollies will be good for you, these delicious gummies are filling your body with some crucial nutritional gaps you may be missing. The goodness of rosehip paired with a hydrolysed collagen and a vitamin C rich botanical means glowing, brighter skin that is protected from free radical damage.

You say:  “I’ve definitely loved seeing my skin improve and feel more “tight”, so I’ll be repurchasing these gummies are soon as I find them at my local chemist. Overall, Nature’s Way Rosehip Collagen Gummies have been an awesome addition to my vitamin intake” – Ms Jelena 

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Harmony My Beauty

We say: To truly nourish your skin from deep within, Harmony’s luminous-boosting supplements improve digestive health and nourish healthy gut bacteria. Think deep hydration and reduced fine lines, plus give your skin all the protection it truly deserves against the effects of UV damage.

You say: “I love this sort of product! As I have gotten older I have discovered that the best beauty trick is to concentrate on having the best health from within. I found after around a week or so I felt my skin felt more hydrated and plumper.” – Lahlahlah

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Swisse Ultinatal Pre-Conception & Pregnancy Multivitamin

We say: Name any vitamin or mineral, it’s in this supplement. To support the nutritional needs of women before, during and after pregnancy, Swisse have developed a 21 nutrient formula from vitamin C, E and B, plus fish omega-3s and magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium.

Yep, this supplement has it all. Plus, the comprehensive formulation will not only support you but also assist in the development and growth of your baby.

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Main image credit: @kynd.life Do you take any supplements? If not, would you be interested in taking any?

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  2. i eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables every day so i dont need much, however i find magnesium helps me…. ive been experimenting with collagen supplements but dont think they do anything

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