Why women with big butts have smarter babies

Why women with big butts have smarter babies

Kim Kardashian has brought booty to the fore and now there’s another reason to revel in your rear: scientists have discovered that women with big butts have smarter babies.

Yep, you heard right! Fat supplies in women’s thighs and buttocks are crucial for developing babies’ brains when breastfeeding, leading experts to believe that curvy women produce clever children. The things you learn…

Apparently, we store fat in these areas because they are rich in docosahexaenoic acid (or DHA), a key component in the human brain.

Speaking to au.askmen.com, public health epidemiologist Professor Will Lassek from the University of Pittsburgh explains how women usually “accumulate these fats and hold on to them until a baby arrives.”

Breast milk lipids (which play a big role in brain-building) are then largely derived from the fat stored in your rear. Obviously “women with larger thighs [and/or butts] have higher levels of these lipids”, with evidence suggesting “their children are more intelligent as a result”.

Interestingly, the discovery could also provide a scientific explanation for men’s fascination with our womanly curves – after all, their children are likely to be smarter for it.

Sadly, I’m severely lacking in the butt department, leading me to fear my future children will be absolute dummies. I just hope the nurture part of ‘nature vs. nurture’ will save them!

Are you a fan of a bigger booty?

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