Want some sparkle?

Want some sparkle?

Last week’s birthday madness might be over for another year but we’ve left behind a little bit of glitz to add a touch of sparkle to our loyal members’ lives.

Not with the program? Let me explain. All turquoise members of our Loyalty scheme have been given sparkling star status and as such will find a pretty twinkling star next to their name on every article comment and forum post. It’s a little ‘thank you’ for all the support you’ve shown beautyheaven during its first year.

See. So whenever you see a twinkling star you know that person is a fabulous founder member of beautyheaven. They’ve been in beautyheaven since the start and are still regular contributors.

If you’re not yet a turquoise member then you’d better get cracking writing real reviews, posting worthy comments on articles and chatting in the forum or posting an interesting question.

Still a little confused? Here’s the how-to of our Loyalty scheme.

Once you’ve signed up as a beautyheaven member you automatically earn points for:
Posting a product review (3 points)
Commenting on an article (1 point)
Sending an article or product info to a friend (2 points)
Posting a new thread in the forum (2 points)
Posting a reply to a thread in the forum (1 point)

As your points collate your loyalty status changes (see below) until you reach the top loyalty status: turquoise.

Now as everyone knows, points mean prizes.  Make it to purple status and you’ll receive a pretty little product worth $20. Boost it to turquoise status and a glamorous gift, worth at least $50, will be winging its way to your doorstep.

Plus, once you become a turquoise member you’re in with a chance of being hand picked for the coveted  Trial Team. The Trial Team is a panel of trusted, longtime beautyheaven members who are given free beauty products to put through their paces. Do they work? Are they worth your cash? The Trial Team will tell it to you straight.

So if you’re not already a member (thus an automatic part of our exclusive Loyalty program) we’ll put it down to temporary insanity – providing you take this opportunity to become a member today.

Have a sparkling day!

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