Inside beautyheaven: birthday bonanza

Inside beautyheaven: birthday bonanza

We’re kinda ingenious at finding reasons to party but today the excuses are on hold. It’s our 1st birthday and if that isn’t good enough grounds to pull out the party hats, then I don’t know what is.

But all this partying has left us dizzy, so dizzy in fact that we’re giving our glitzy birthday gifts away. We’re not ungrateful; we just like to share the love. So if, like us, party frocks and pressies make you giddy you’re sure to want in on our birthday hullabaloo …

Everyone loves a birthday – mainly because it equals a party and presents – and we’re inviting you to join our birthday bash. But with so much going on you might be wondering where to start? Why not join in our Pass the parcel beauty trail to win yourself a glitzy beauty gift worth over a whopping $120? Go don your prettiest party frock and start collecting clues.

Birthdays make us feel all sentimental. Join us in our One love vox pop and reminisce with fellow party-goers about your first beauty love. Mine was Rimmel London Coffee Shimmer lippy. Now I realise I looked like Morticia Adams but at the time, and for many years, it was the best beauty thing since sliced bread.

Hold up! Before you make your way to the party buffet (there’s cupcakes, fairy bread and chocolate crackles!) have a flick through our Beauty firsts gallery to check out some of the most glamorous yet groundbreaking beauty buys available.

And p.s. we’re giving away a gorgeous birthday beauty basket to the best comment on each article. Bearing in mind we’re all about birthday fun, we’ll most likely be looking for a comment that inspires us or makes us smile.

What do you love most about birthdays?

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