What’s mine is yours

What’s mine is yours

Lennon and McCartney, Dolce and Gabbana, Ben and Jerry. You see where this is heading – great minds think alike. So when getting together my list of couldn’t-have-survived-withouts for this week, I wondered if other beauty addicts think my picks are little lifesavers too. And what do you know…

So, in the spirit of great collaborations, here’s our collective take on favourites this Friday…

Dr LeWinn’s Revitanail
, $27.95
I say: Someone who’s been glamorous for longer than I’ve known how to use mascara once told me that, just as you can take a man’s measure by his shoes, you can tell a girl by her nails. This calcium-infused nail coat is the best way I know to make sure mine are saying glossy and impeccably groomed. Fortified with calcium to fix flaking and peeling, it not only makes tear-prone nails tougher, it’s a superbly chip-resistant polish protector too. Indispensable.

You say:
“My nails were weak and brittle and I had tried every brand of nail hardener on the market, all to no avail. Then I came across this little wonder. It really is a miracle in a bottle. It’s expensive, but, let me tell you, it’s worth every last cent!” – Jacq    

Dermalogica Microfoliant
, $75

I say: No matter how many times my facialist warns me not to overdo it, I crave a daily scrub. This delicate rice powder formula is our compromise. The tiny particles work with papaya enzyme, salicylic acid and vitamin C to gently slough dead and dulling surface debris, but dissolve before they can do healthy skin any damage. End result: I’m baby-soft and bright and my facialist is happy. Phew. You’ve not heard a lecture until you’ve heard her lecture…

You say: “I love, love, love this product. The granules are so fine that it feels so gentle on your face, yet you can definitely feel it’s a scrub. I had an issue with my skin looking dull when I started using this, but, though I don’t know if I should put it all down to this product alone as I started a whole new skincare regime at the time (all Dermalogica products), I definitely noticed the difference in how my skin looked a couple of weeks down the track.” – Shaqi

Redken Clear Moisture Water Rush, $30.95
I say: This was the week when I really should have checked into my hairdresser for a trim. Really. But, though only a scissor can truly sort out such dehydrated, split and style-tortured ends, this instant treatment can buy me some time. With the intense hydrating punch of a cream and the light, easy-to-rinse consistency of a gel, it gives damaged locks a new, shiny lease on life without weighing them down. And it works its wonders in minutes. Crack lid in case of emergency.

You say:
“I’d let my hair get to the point where I was wearing it in a bun every day because it looked so straggly and horrible! My brittle, frayed ends drank this in and re-emerged feeling smooth and looking soooo much more shiny and presentable. It’s one of the best treatments I’ve ever tried.” – girl_with_a_gloss

Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Colour Limited Edition, $59
You say: “From the adorable, girly packaging to the beautiful pressed flower pattern, which I don’t want to brush away, and the luminous effect this product has on my face, I love this blush! But it’s more than a blush – it contours, highlights, conceals and subtly bronzes. My only concern is that it’s a limited edition!” – Becs    

I say: Becs, you took the words right out of my mouth. Great minds…

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