It’s time we talked about the awkward beauty issues nobody wants to talk about


Guys, let’s get real – there are certain beauty issues that are tough to talk about because they’re particularly personal, or hey, just downright awkward. Unappealing odours (from your pits to your pants), unexpected hair growth (why are there whiskers on my chin?) and everything in between; sometimes things happen to our bodies that are uncomfortable and upsetting.

There’s ones that makes things tricky because of the whole ‘being visible’ thing (think chicken skin and undereye bags which tend to scream ‘hello I’m here, everyone look at me’), of course, but there are also a myriad of frustrating or confusing concerns caused by the ailments you can’t see, but can definitely feel (itching down there for example).

Whatever you’re dealing with it’s important to remember that while these issues can certainly be embarrassing (our cheeks are a little warm just thinking about them), they’re also very common, so take solace in the face that you’re not alone. Plus, they can totally be treated. Check out our guide below to find out how.

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Help, I’ve got… elbows flakier than that friend who always cancels

Okay, not the biggest beauty concern in the world (when was the last time someone asked to see your elbows, anyway), but still one that we have on our ‘must solve’ list – and we figured we’d ease in. So, onward with elbow care: enter massage oil – more potent than a classic cream or lotion moisturiser, these oils are awesome for treating particularly dry, flaky areas like elbows. Commit to the cause by applying a few drops to each elbow, and massaging in for a full five minutes – watch a quick beauty vlog to pass and clock the time – then repeat on the other side. Do this on the daily for a week or so, and you’ll start to see some major improvements. This formula is blended with a nourishing mix of macadamia, avocado and jojoba oils, bound to up elbow hydration in no time.

bh loves: Buckley & Phillips Happiness Massage Oil

Help, I’ve got… teeth turning yellower than the sun

It’s cruel, but it’s true: some of the greatest things in life (wine, coffee, soft drink and chocolate to name a few) tend to damage and darken our teeth. So, if you’re after a DIY alternative to in-salon teeth whitening treatments that will get yours looking pearly fresh again, give this gentle whitening system a go. It’ll help to get the colour back on track, while also preventing future stains and controlling tartar.

bh loves: Rapid White Tooth Whitening 1 Week Tooth Whitening System

Help, I’ve got… some kind of iffy scent coming from down there

Look, it happens, and it’s totally standard. But we get it: it’s not exactly ideal and can definitely leave you feeling a little embarassed during intimacy.  A freshening intimate wash can work wonders in this department. This one is gynaecologist-tested, hyapoallergenic and soape-free, so it refreshes the external vaginal area without triggering irritation (in fact, it’s even packed with soothing ingredients like aloe vera). The packaging is also super cute and inconspicuous, so there’s no need for any shower shelf shame.

bh loves: Summer’s Eve Daily Freshness Intimate Wash

Help, I’ve got… giant dark circles because I haven’t slept a wink in weeks

Sometimes it’s the fact that you decided to watch an episode of Friends to ‘unwind before bed’ and suddenly one turned into an entire series, yes, but sometimes you’re legitimately doing your damnedest to get to sleep, and it’s just not in the stars. So when zzz’s evade you, try spritzing yourself with a sleep body spray; it’ll aid in helping your mind and body to unwind, allowing you to drift off into a deep (and much-needed) slumber. This blend is formulated with 100 per cent natural essential oils and natural magnesium to make your pre-sleep ritual a super relaxing one.

bh loves: EpZen Sleep Body Spray

Help, I’ve got… what feels like itching powder in my undies

So… you’re itchy, irritated and downright uncomfortable? Never fun. In fact, one of the asbolute least fun things ever. This itch-relieving cream is a godsend for the relief of minor external vaginal irritation, – the anaesthetic in the formula works fast (blessings) to nix discomfort quickly and discreetly. Of course, you should definitely consult a doctor if you’re noticing any abnormal signs of potential infection (and if itching persists long-term), but in those ‘I just shaved and it feels like I’ve been bitten by bull ants down there’ types of scenarios, this is a bathroom cabinet must-have.

bh loves: Vagisil Feminine Itching Cream Medication

Help, I’ve got… painful, itchy, irritated eczema

Eczema is characterised by dry, red, itchy patches of skin and can appear anywhere on the body in mild to severe forms. Experts have a few recommendations in terms of how to manage irritation on a daily basis: use a soap-free cleanser, pat skin dry instead of rubbing, keep fingernails short to help keeping scratching from breaking the skin, and moisturise after bathing with a formula designed for sensitive, irritated skin. We’ve got a few faves, both able to offer relief, boost hydration and soothe inflammation.

bh loves: Kosmea Nourishing Treatment Cream and Covitol

Help, I’ve got… patches of what appears to be chicken skin

Speaking of skin irritations, let’s talk about keratosis pillaris, often referred to (because of its similar appearance) as ‘chicken skin’. Caused by a surplus of skin cells all accumulating around individual hair follices, chicken skin shows up as a cluster of small, rough, red bumps that often become dry, flaky and just plain annoying. The good news? It’s super common, and not harmful, so there’s no need to stress if you’ve noticed patches of it appearing. The even better news? If you do want to nix it, there are clever creams that cater to this very issue by clearing away the surface layer of dead skin cells and making way for new, smoother skin.

bh loves: LANATÉ Cream

Help, I’ve got… whiskers growing on my chin

Ah, facial hair… so many of us deal with us, so few of us talk about it. So, let’s! Whether it’s a result of hormones, genetics, or just the fact that you’re a human being who grows hair sometimes, there shouldn’t be any shame in your face-waxing game. These natural facial wax strips make nixing the hairs a total breeze; they’re even formulated with sustainably sourced hemp seed oil to keep skin soothed once it’s smoothed.

bh loves: Marzena Natural Facial Wax Strips

Help, I’ve got… irritation in my underarms and I don’t know whether to blame my deo or my razor

If the thought of throwing your arms up at a festival, high-fiving your mates (post social distancing of course), or even lifting your little ones into the air is enough to induce nervous sweats (which ironically, could exacerbate the situation!), then it’s time to make some sensitivity-soothing swaps in the pit care arena. Underarm rash, also known as contact dermatitis, is caused by an adverse reaction to something that touches your skin in that area such as the fragrance in deodorant and body washes, or irritation caused by contact with your razor. By switching your current kit out in favour of a non-irritating deodorant and a skin-calming post-shave topical, you’ll be able to calm and relieve the inflamed area, and be free to flail your arms about once more.

bh loves: Mitchum Clinical Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Powder Fresh and Bump eRaiser Concentrated Serum

Help, I’ve got… major bladder control issues

Monday: legs. Tuesday: arms. Wednesday: pelvis… right? Okay, TBH we doubt your local Fitness First will be running kegel classes anytime soon, so we hope your self-motivation is strong. This dual purpose tool is up for the challenge – it helps you to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (a huge positive seeing as this can help to control urinary incontinence!). But hey, the fact that it moonlights as a remote controlled vibrator doesn’t hurt either. Not one bit.

bh loves: Alulah Poppy

Help, I’ve got… awful muscle cramps and joint pains

You know that moment when you wake up in the middle of the night with a cramp and suddenly you’d sooner meet the sweet release of death than endure a second more of the pain? Well, keep this natural magnesium gel nearby to apply whenever muscle cramps or joint pains are acting up. It’s able to provide speedy, targeted relief for the pain, using pure magnesium chloride to ease and eliminate post-exercise discomfort and distress.

bh loves: Magnesium Power Magnesium Gel

Help, I’ve got… sugar cravings while I’m trying to tone up

On the straight and narrow food intake wise? Firstly, props to you! Secondly, we’ll bet you’re craving something sweet… it’s a vicious cycle. Meal replacement shakes are actually great for slotting some kind of sweet treat into your day without going overboard – these formulas blend key vitamins and minerals (B1, B2 and biotin for starters) with delicious flavours (latte, vanilla, banana, strawbery, choc mint, salted caramel, and luckily, classic chocolate to help you combat those cocoa cravings).

bh loves: Rapid Loss® Meal Replacement Shakes

Do you suffer from any of these beauty issues? How do you avoid and treat them?

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  1. I tried taking magnesium tablets to help me relax but the problem is that they acted like sedatives and I ended up feeling WAYYYY too relaxed and lazy. I don’t take them much now. :/

  2. My son had chicken skin but the Lanate cream cleared it up completely! I use the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream on my elbows because they get much drier than the rest of my body and normal moisturizerwont cut it

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