Happy, happy snaps

Happy, happy snaps

If you love something, set it free. Or so the saying goes. But sometimes things manage to set themselves free. Like the digital camera that liberated itself in the back of a taxi late one night much to my total grief.

This wasn’t any old camera you see. Yes, it was a gift so it had sentimental value. But more than that – much more, in fact – it took the most flattering photos around. I’m not going to mention the brand or model because that isn’t really the point. Rather, it was just a really, really kind camera.

Among friends it was referred to as “the magic camera” (in hushed tones no less) for its flattery. I’d take a snap, someone else would follow suit and we’d compare the results. Only to have my camera make everyone look leaner, browner, glowier and generally way more gorgeous than the other digi did.

I can only liken its power to a pair of jeans that wins compliments every time you wear them or the way fake tan makes you look like you’ve just returned from holidays.

Anyway, I’m starting to think perhaps that camera made its way into the lab of some clever digital camera developers because there’s a new cam on the horizon that, wait for it… does your make-up for you!

Smile and say hello to the Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z300 and the EX-Z250 which both have a special function to add make-up after they capture the moment. I haven’t seen this talent in action for myself but I’d very much like to. Apparently it recognises facial features and helps disguise shadows where they shouldn’t be. Blotchiness, wrinkles and uneven textures are also targeted so everyone looks pretty as a picture.

No, it won’t create a smouldering smoky eye on the spot or allow you to change lip or eye colour but it does promise to improve your look in that airbrushed, Photoshop way.

Wacky? You bet! But wouldn’t it be great to be permanently camera-ready?

How would you like a camera that adjusts your make-up?  

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