Inside beautyheaven: detox and feel divine

Inside beautyheaven: detox and feel divine

Detox is one of the biggest buzzwords of the Naughties. Everyone’s doing it but what exactly does it mean? And should you be joining in?

Here at beautyheaven, we believe beauty begins with health. Between the weekly office yoga class, a foray into fun runs and goals to plant an organic vegetable garden, we talk health as often as nail polish and eyeliner. Even still, asking us to give up our espresso, pinot noir and dark chocolate for a week wasn’t easy.

Luckily we adore white tea, miso soup and avocado on rye almost as much. Fruit and vegetable juices also have a special place in our hearts as you’ll discover if you’ve chosen to sign up for our Detox Daily newsletters. And even if you’re not joining us in our group detox, you can always check in on the beautyheaven team’s progress with our Daily Detox Diary, updated each day until the weekend.

While some of the beautyheaven team has decided to abide by strict clean living standards this week, our overall message is to “stop thinking of detoxing as a healthy-living bender”. Ultimately we should all be incorporating elements of a traditional detox into daily life, 365 days a year. That’s the approach health industry insider Kate Fitzpatrick discovers is most likely to result in better long-term skin and health. Egaer to know more? Tune into her eye-opening article Why anti-tox is the new extreme detox.  

Like most things in life, celebs often take detoxing to giddy heights. Remember Demi Moore admitting using leeches to cleanse her blood? Well that definitely earned her a place in our Celebrity detox special. Find out who else makes the grade.

BTW, because we’re detoxing this week and we don’t want you to feel deprived, I’ll let you in on a secret. Next week marks the start of the beautyheaven first birthday celebrations. There will be gorgeous gifts aplenty so visit us regularly for your chance to join the party.

What does detoxing mean to you?

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