beautorium – where points equal products

beautorium – where points equal products

What’s beautorium?
beautorium is the on-site event for our most loyal members where member loyalty points can be redeemed for beauty products. Think of it like a shop. You can drop by, browse a myriad of marvelous beauty products, pop a few of your faves in your shopping cart and pay with your loyalty points. [Note: a flat-rate delivery fee of $4.95 applies to all transactions. Payments are via Paypal.]

How long is beautorium open for?
A day, a week, a fortnight! It depends how long it takes for the products to be snapped up, however, beautorium will run for a maximum of two weeks.

There is only a limited amount of each product available (it varies depending on the product) and once the products go, that’s it. When all the stock is gone a ‘Sold Out’ notice will appear, so be sure to get in quick.

Note: The brands/products available at each beautorium event will vary.

Who can take part in beautorium?
beautorium is one of the biggest perks of being a committed member of beautyheaven who regularly participates in the site. Only members that have reached ‘Beauty Buff’ or ‘Beauty Guru’ status can cash in their points for beauty products. If you haven’t yet reached Beauty Buff or Beauty Guru status don’t be disheartened – there are lots of activities you can take part in on the site to help you build your points and progress to a higher status.

However, all members can browse the beautorium shop and look at the array of products on offer.

How many loyalty points do I have?
Unsure how many points you have or what your member loyalty status is? Log into beautyheaven and then click on the ‘My beautyheaven’ tab at the top of the page (on the pink bar); This will take you into your personal beautyheaven profile area and show you how many points you currently have as well as your member status.

Rules to abide by
To ensure beautorium runs smoothly and is as fair as possible to all members, there are a few conditions that need to be adhered to:

• Members can only claim one (1) of each product. For example, if there are 10 Dove Moisturisers, you can only put 1 Dove Moisturiser in your shopping cart. You can’t take all 10.

• Ensure your address is up-to-date in your ‘My beautyheaven/Details’ area as this is where your products will be sent. Products will not be able to be re-sent if they are sent to an incorrect address.

• No refunds will be given.

• Points racking (spam posts, mindless comments, careless or fake product reviews for the purpose of collecting points) is a felony, and is a sure fire way to infuriate fellow members and quite likely see your beautyheaven account suspended so please refrain from doing so.

• You cannot sell or make a profit from loyalty reward products received through bh’s membership program. Members seen swapping or selling their loyalty reward products may have their membership terminated.

Please ensure you refer to the beautorium Terms & Conditions prior to participating in a beautorium event.

Got a question about beautorium?
You can use the ‘Live Chat’ tab on the right hand side of the page to ask a bh staff member any questions you might have about beautorium or our member loyalty program.

Alternatively, you can also post your question in the beautorium forum thread.

Brands taking part in our first beautorium event include…

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