6 Ways You’ve Unknowingly Been Making Your Period Worse

6 Ways You’ve Unknowingly Been Making Your Period Worse

There are many perks to being a woman – diving into a sea of new beauty products after a trip to Mecca is just one of them!

Something that is certainly not fabulous in the life of us gals is our periods. The devastating pain you felt when you first heard Chris Pratt and Anna Faris were getting a divorce is nothing compared to a particularly bad period. There are a number of medical conditions that can affect your period (like endometriosis), but you could also be unknowingly making them worse by doing these things!

Here are some of the reasons why your periods are bad.

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#1 You’re not vigilant about your pill

When you first go on the pill, you’re told to take it at the same time every day, without skipping any days. If you’ve ever forgotten to take it a few days in a row, you’ve probably noticed random spotting or bleeding, but you may not have realised that your period pain when you eventually get it is much more intense. Be vigilant about taking your pill to ensure this doesn’t happen!

#2 You’re not sleeping in a regular pattern

Health Care Women Internationalresearch found that women who have irregular sleeping patterns (like nurses) can get longer and irregular periods. So, while you might not be able to get the full eight hours of sleep per night, try to at least ensure your sleeping patterns are as regular as possible to avoid wreaking havoc on your period.

#3 You’re a stress-head

Your period is all about hormones and stress affects your hormones. So, it should be no surprise that stressing out can really impact the severity and regularity of your menstrual cycle. It might even cause you to skip it altogether which can in turn, make you more stressed! It’s a vicious cycle. Try to give yourself enough ‘me’ time to reduce stress. You could even try meditation to help you chill out. 

#4 You’re going overboard on caffeine

Sometimes I can barely function before 11am if I haven’t had my large latte with one. Unfortunately for us women, caffeine can increase tension, anxiety and stress – all of which are also increased before and during your period. Caffeine + PMS = serious mood swings.

#5 You’re drinking too much alcohol

While drinks after work and weekend celebrations are often highlights of the working week, alcohol can actually make menstrual cramps worse. No thank you. Cosmo also tells us that alcohol increases breast tenderness, and can make you more irritable. Joy!

#6 You’re a gym junkie

We’re all for keeping fit and healthy and exercising regularly, but going overboard with your training can imbalance your hormone levels and cause you to skip your period. Basically, using up too much energy (by training too frequently) will cause the body to shut down other functions to preserve energy and your menstrual cycle is one of them!

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  4. Raww Zen Time Aromatherapy Candle 
  5. Magnesium Power Magnesium Oil Spray

Do you get bad periods? Did you know about these everyday causes?

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  1. I find magnesium powder taken a day before and during my period really helps ease my pain. I hate getting my period I can’t even function on the first day I’m usually home bound till the Nurofen kicks in!

  2. Thank you for the article. I have had painful periods regularly over the last few years. I cut down on my caffeine intake and reduced the amount of salt in my diet and it has really helped

  3. Whaaaaat thats crazy I never knew exercising too much or training too much can affect getting your period on time or even at all. Thats definitely not an issue of mine anyway hahaha

  4. I’m on the pill and have never experienced cramps, but lately my period is irregular due to lack of sleep, stress, and a bad diet messing with my hormones. This is a good reminder to start looking after my health better.

  5. I can suggest drinking red dates tea if you can get your hands on them. It really helps and the taste isn’t so bad. If you can’t get all of the ingredients you can opt for just the red dates and some sugar. Boil the red dates and then add some sugar. There are some more websites that has a more thorough steps and different variants of red dates tea. Try it. You will surely feel a difference. And also you could put a hot pack on your stomach as you sleep/rest(not too hot).

    120 g (2 cups) Red dates
    60 g (9 pcs) Black dates
    120 g (6 pieces) Honey dates
    10 cups (2 L) water

  6. I used to get awful periods. Painful, heavy, just horrible. I suffered from endometriosis. I’ve had a hysterectomy, and believe me I certainly don’t miss those dreadful periods! I like to always try to think of positive things, and the only positive thing I can think of about my periods was they got me out of PE classes at school! I’ve never been into sports much!

  7. It’s comforting & interesting to read other people’s comments! 🙂 My cramps have worsened in my 30s, but I manage fine with ibuprofen on Day 1, and will occasionally use a heat pack, herbal teas, or magnesium spray for relief as well. I’d heard about everything on the article list except the gym junkie one.

  8. I feel lucky that I am well passed this period of my life. I always remember my sister, who was 4 years older than I am, saying she loves it that she can walk past that section of the supermarket. !!

  9. I was diagnosed with a laparoscopy. My Gynaecologist was pretty sure I had it before the surgery.
    I was only mid 20s when I had the hysterectomy, so I had to have HRT. I found that the best way was an implant. It was about the size of a grain of rice, implanted under my skin in my abdomen. Set and forget! If you don’t want to do this, there’s plenty of medication options available. I haven’t had an implant for a while now. Can’t remember when I had the last one. But I’m 53 now so the ‘need’ would be getting less (I assume?). I’ll try to remember to ask my doctor about it next time I see her.

  10. HRT = Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Because I didn’t have my ovaries producing hormones for me (oestrogen and progesterone) I needed to have them artificially. Some people take them orally. I had them as an implant. It was a tiny little piece, about size of a grain of rice, implanted under my skin in my abdomen. It didn’t hurt. My body absorbed it at its own rate. I preferred this rather than oral medication.

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