6 ways to stay fit during the holiday season

6 ways to stay fit during the holiday season

Come Christmas, we like to chill out. We like to eat. And we love to indulge in an alcoholic beverage or 10. Oh, and we also love to go on holidays. Problem is, the combination of these wonderful things usually results in something not so wonderful – weight gain.

If you don’t fancy gaining a few extra kilos during the festive season, we definitely suggest making use of these six expert health and fitness tips. They’re practical, they’re useful, and they’re most achievable.


#1. Don’t slack off. Just don’t.

We know you want to, but it isn’t healthy for your mind or body. “Maintaining the healthy habit of regular training is extremely important,” says Blake Worrall-Thompson, celebrity trainer and founder of6 Weeks to Sexy. “Those who do stop exercising find it really challenging to get back into it once the holidays are over. And the longer you don’t engage in exercise, the harder it will be to get back into it.”

#2. Pack exercise gear that makes you feel great.

You’re more likely to exercise if you feel good in the gear you’re wearing, so either hit the stores for new season threads or pack your favourite gear. (Don’t believe us? Just ask Olympian Stefanie Rice.) We love anything colourful – brights make us feel happy and wonderfully energetic.

#3. Always make use of the (limited) space in your hotel room.

It doesn’t matter how tiny it is, there’s always some space in a hotel room to perform bodyweight exercises. “Try simple exercises that anyone can do anywhere – push-ups, lunges, dips, ab exercises and planks make for a great circuit routine,” explains Blake. Got some spare space in your suitcase? Why not pack a skipping rope or hand weights. They’ll both add an entirely different dimension to your workout.

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#4. Mix structured exercise with incidental exercise.

You don’t need to spend hours exercising each and every day of your holiday – try a mix of organised exercise (read: a run or session in the hotel gym) and incidental exercise (think walking, swimming, hiking or kayaking). “Chances are you won’t be eating as clean on holiday as you normally would, so every little bit of exercise helps,” suggests Blake.

#5. Make use of the great outdoors.

Yes, go outside and enjoy the brilliant weather! But as Blake knows all too well, you should always attempt to exercise earlier in the day, as you’re less likely to miss it if you do. “Planning ahead and booking in fun, energetic activities such as hiking, kayaking, diving or adventure sports is also wise, as it’ll keep your workout routine on track and probably won’t even feel like exercise.”

#6. Choose your alcoholic beverages wisely.

Holidays and booze seem to go hand-in-hand. However, when it comes to alcoholic beverages, some are a little less naughty for you. “Clear spirit-base drinks such as vodka mixed with fresh lime and soda or gin and tonic are a much better options than wine and beer,” explains Blake. “Over the course of a one or two week holiday this change alone can prevent you from putting on serious weight.”

Do you struggle to maintain your exercise routine during the Christmas holiday period? Are you scared of gaining weight during the break? What are your healthy tips for staying fit while travelling?

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