Best At-Home Workout Equipment For All Fitness Levels


With jam-packed schedules, demanding careers, and busy families, it’s no wonder many of us don’t have time to make it to the gym.

But just because you can’t fit in a 45 minute cardio class doesn’t mean you need to avoid exercise altogether. In fact, there are lots of at-home exercises you can do that are both time and budget-friendly for those days (or weeks…or months…) when hitting the gym just doesn’t seem possible.

All you need is an open space, your fave playlist, and some at-home workout equipment. 

So to help you get your summer shred on, here is the affordable workout equipment you need to invest in if you workout at home…

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Skipping Rope

Jumping rope is a great way to elevate your heart rate during warm up or get your cardio in without having to step foot on a treadmill. 

Purchasing tip: Look for one with a rubber rope rather than fabric as it has more traction and can pick up more momentum. And if you fancy adding a strength element, try a weighted skipping rope to make your at-home workouts more challenging.

Available at Rebel Sport, $15.


Booty Bands

A booty band is a versatile piece of equipment that adds resistance to lower-body exercises. Pop one on for exercises like squats, lunges and hip thrusts to increase intensity and really feel that burn! 

Purchasing tip: Buy a pack of booty bands rather than just one at a time. Packs will come with 2-3 bands of varying resistance so you can figure out which is right for you and work up from there. 

Available at, $34 for 3.

Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are an easy way to increase difficulty when doing any type of exercise. From walking, to skipping, to HIIT, and even Pilates or yoga, adding ankle weights will help sculpt and strengthen your lower body without needing to hit the gym.

Purchasing tip: Buy lighter than you think you’ll need. Wearing ankle weights during a workout takes some time to get used to and they won’t do any good if they’re too heavy and you can barely walk in them!

Available at Kmart, $6.50.

Weighted Arm Bands

Similar to ankle weights, weighted arm bands will add more resistance to any upper body exercise. 

Purchasing tip: Our arms are typically not as strong or flexible as our legs, therefore it’s extra important not to purchase too heavy or wear arm weights for too long, as it may lead to injury.

Available at Target, $5.

Bosu Ball (or Celsius Balance Trainer)

Bosu balls are great for improving balance and core strength by performing moves while standing or kneeling on one during your cardio routine. One such killer move? Bosu ball burpees. You can also do a variety of ab exercises with this piece of equipment.

Purchasing tip: Bosu balls are often mixed up with balance balls and it can be easy to purchase the wrong one. If you’re confused, a Bosu ball has a flat plastic side that you can stand on.

Available at Rebel Sport, $70.

Yoga Mat

Anyone who works out at home needs a yoga mat! You’ll use this to do your floor work , plus it will prevent you from slipping around when doing other exercises. Oh, and it’s obviously necessary for any at-home yoga you do, too!

Purchasing tip: Pay a little extra and opt for a well-made yoga mat that has good grip and won’t get worn out easily.

Available at Lululemon, $70.



Sliders do exactly that – help you slide across the floor to create a great stability challenge and improve precision in your movements. You can use them for training lower body, upper body, and abs.

Purchasing tip: Choose sliders that are a perfect circle rather than a peanut shape. This will make it easier for you to keep your hands and feet on the sliders. You can also find sliders that work on both hard surfaces and carpet.

Available at Kmart, $8.

Resistance Bands With Handles

Resistance bands with handles make for a great resistance tool for so many exercises. Stand in the middle of the band and try upper body exercises like bicep curls, overhead press, and tricep extensions. Or, wrap it around a steady piece of furniture, slide your foot into the handle, and do lower body exercises like glute kickbacks and hamstring curls.

Purchasing tip: Look for a set that comes with an adjustable band and handle width, meaning you can customise it to suit your strength level and increase resistance as you get stronger.

Available at Rebel Sport, $20.

What do you use to workout with at home? Header image via @basebodybabes

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