Anti-ingrown insurance

Anti-ingrown insurance


 Smooth, flawlessly silky skin – that’s sexy. But itchy, red bumps? Not so much.

The secret to skipping nasty ingrown hairs this summer is exfoliation, and this is just the thing for it: Veet Anti Ingrown Hair Cream.
With mildly exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acids to help prevent the
tell-tale red bumps of ingrowns, it is gentle enough to use on
underarms and bikini lines and even straight after shaving or waxing.

You’ve been there. You diligently wax, shave and tweeze your way to showoffable skin, only to develop unsightly and uncomfortable bumps.

So what’s going on?

An ingrown is a hair that curls back on itself, growing back into the follicle, or that doesn’t grow out of the follicle as straight as it should. And it can happen to anyone.

At best, ingrowns are ugly and embarrassing. But they can end up even uglier if they become infected.

So how do you avoid the dreaded bumps this summer?

• When waxing, take care with technique, ensuring hair is pulled out from the roots and doesn’t break below the surface.

• If shaving, always use a clean, sharp razor and remember to change the blades regularly.

• If your skin is sensitive and irritated easily by waxing or shaving, try a depilatory cream for sensitive skin instead and test it on your skin first. Try Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin.

 • Avoid using waxing and depilatory products that have passed their use by date. If
it’s been sitting on the shelf for ages and is out of date, ditch it!

 And most importantly…

Exfoliate your skin regularly to keep hair follicles free of dirt and dead skin. Veet Anti Ingrown Hair Cream uses gentle AHAs to dissolve dead skin build-up, ensuring hairs have a clear exit path, avoiding irritation and giving you soft, touchable skin all summer long.

Pick up Veet Anti Ingrown Hair Cream for around $14.95 from supermarkets and pharmacies nationally.

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