Anna Heinrich Underwent Intense Training Prep Before Going On SAS Australia


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If you’ve been watching SAS Australia this season, you’ll probably have found yourself in awe of Anna Heinrich multiple times. We knew the 33-year-old was fit, but the intense training prep she undertook before filming allowed her to be capable of some next-level tasks on the course.

Speaking to Now To Love, Anna revealed that she had to transform her body and mind all within four weeks before heading on the show. Easy peasy, right?

“The exercise that I was doing before I got the call up was pretty much just walking around our back streets with the pram,” she said. Understandable considering she’d only given birth to daughter Elle 10 months prior.


However, with the help of her ultra-fit husband Tim Robards, this routine quickly changed into a multitude of grueling exercises. Some of them were so intense, they really need to be seen to be believed.

Lucky for us, Anna shared a glimpse of the extreme preparation via Instagram Stories. The footage included Anna carrying Tim in a fireman’s carry, lifting weights we’d never even go near at the gym, and giving her all during a boxing training session.

Another clip showed a different kind of SAS training prep altogether: interrogation. Anna subjected herself to an ice bath while Tim questioned her. Every time she got an answer wrong? A dunk in the freezing water.

Of course, one of the hardest parts of Anna’s training prep was getting ready to leave her daughter. Fortunately, husband Tim was up for some sole parenting while she was gone.

“It was actually quite nice for him because he got to spend that quality time with Elle, he probably would never really get two full weeks looking after her [on his own],” Anna told Now to Love.

Plus, we’re sure that setting such a kick-ass example for her daughter helped to soothe the separation sting. It’s not every day your mum jumps from a moving boat to a helicopter after all.

Since filming wrapped, Anna has launched herself into another challenge altogether. Thankfully, one that requires fewer ice baths. Alongside friend Christie Whitehill, Anna has founded a premium beauty and wellness supplement brand called INTU Wellness. It recently released its first product, a Sleep & Skin Renewal ‘super powder’.

No rest for the fighting fit, apparently. If you ever catch us on SAS, don’t expect us to emerge from bed for months afterward.

Have you been watching SAS? Are you impressed by Anna Heinrich’s training prep?

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  1. I haven’t been watching this season. I tried watching the last season but couldn’t get into it. I do like Anna though. She’s a very strong woman both physically and mentally.

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