The ultimate guide to your teenage body

The ultimate guide to your teenage body

Dear teens and tweens,

We write quite a bit about everyday problems that women experience – discharge, body odour, periods, the dilemma of finding the perfect pink lipstick. But it seems that we’ve kind of neglected you. Not intentionally of course, we’d never do that. It’s just that sometimes it’s easy to forget what it was like to get our first period or the moment we noticed the first sprouting of hair under our arms.

And because we strive to be that cool older sister you may not have (or do but don’t want to talk to about all things beauty, body and health), we need to make up for lost time. Today, we help guide you through those weird body changes that you know are coming, but may not be sure how to deal with. (Oh, and mums with teens or tweens, read on too – this might be the perfect article to forward to the daughter who doesn’t want to talk!)

What to do when you…notice hair on your legs and underarms

Finding your first few hairs under your arms, on your legs and on your nether regions can be scary. One of those throat-drying moments when you don’t quite know what to do. First of all, it’s completely normal. Keep reminding yourself of that. While you really don’t have to worry about doing anything about them at first, if you feel like you’re embarrassed to wear a singlet, go barelegged or swim without shorts, then there is a solution for you. A gazillion, in fact. But to make it easier, we’ve narrowed it down to three for you.
Try an at-home wax (like Waxaway Read to Use Strips for Body) if you’re happy to let your hair grow a bit longer and you’re looking for softer regrowth. If you want fast results, use a razor and shaving cream (try: TriShave 3in1 Shave Crème. It’ll keep your skin smooth, soft and rash-free). And if the thought of waxing or shaving scares you a bit, try a nourishing depilatory cream like Veet Hair Removal Cream with Hydro’Restor.

What to do when you…get your period

This is probably the most confronting moment of a teenage girl’s life. The thrill of officially becoming a woman is immediately quashed by the fear of what to do next. Breathing is a good start. Then telling your mum is a good idea. It may seem daunting to tell her, but remember she’s been through it month in and month out for longer than you’ve been alive! Plus she can give you that big cuddle you need (and a hot water bottle if your tummy needs some TLC.) But what products should you be using during your period? It’s up to you and what makes you feel comfortable.
At first a tampon may seem scary, but if inserted properly you won’t even know it’s there. We recommend trying Tampax Pearl tampons ($7.99, supermarkets and pharamcies) as the applicator will help you to insert the tampon without a fuss. If you’re worried about leaking, try using CAREFREE® Breathable Liners along with your tampon. Using a pad is also a perfectly good alternative if you’re not tampon-ready. Try Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular Wing pads – the pad itself will help keep you dry, while the wings will help the pad stay put in your underwear.

What to do when you… start experiencing body odour

Sweating can make any girl feel instantly less attractive. Add in body odour and, well, you immediately feel like a trucker who’s spent 17 days on the road without showering. So, not great at all. If you start noticing that you’re not smelling as fresh, it’s time to invest in a good deodorant. Dove Original Anti-Perspirant deodorant is a great staple to have around – not only will it help protect your from odours, it’ll keep your sweat at bay and ensure your armpits are soft and nourished. Using bath/shower products that will leave your skin smelling as beautiful as it feels, is also a great way to improve your overall scent. Try Bomb Cosmetics Bath Creamer in Feel the Love – you’ll not only love the adorable hearts on the ball, but you’ll love how it softly scented it’ll leave your skin, too.

And while we’re on the topic of body odour…experiencing any odour problems ‘down there’ is completely common, too. And thankfully, not untreatable. You just need to make sure you use a body wash that can help in that department. Vagisil Feminine Wash works to help control any odour problems while preventing any more from developing. It’s also incredibly handy to have around during your period.

What are/were your biggest body issues as a teen? What’s the best body advice you received as a teen?

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