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Claire Murray is a naturopath, food and nutrition coach, co-author of The Medicinal Meal Plans and creator of the health-fuelled online space, Claire’s Holistic Pursuits. So yeah, you could say she knows a thing or two about what to eat for optimal health.

“I truly believe food is our biggest medicine. Consuming food and drinks anywhere from three to six times per day means we have multiple opportunities to decide if what we consume will contribute to our health, or to disease,” says Claire. “However, in saying this, there should always been room for treats, as a healthy diet certainly doesn’t have to be restrictive or boring!”

And that is exactly why we asked her (using plenty of ‘pleases’ and ‘thank yous’) to document what she eats on a typical day.

“Having studied naturopathy due to my own skin issues, my diet is quite tailored toward feeding my skin nutrients from the inside out, as well as keeping my digestive system happy and energy levels stable,” explains Claire. “I consume a gluten-free, low dairy and low grain diet, and have found this works the best for me and my body (read – what works for your body may look totally different!).” 

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Goat’s yoghurt with grain-free granola, blueberries and nut butter. 

I choose goat’s yoghurt [over regular yoghurt] as it’s a lot kinder on my digestion – same as the grain-free granola. I love to add berries, as it adds a sweet hit without being high in sugar. I’ll also spoon in a nice dollop of nut butter for a boost of protein and good fats to keep my energy levels strong all morning.


If I start to get hungry come 10-11am or have a busy day in clinic, I’ll make a smoothie to sip on in the morning or afternoon. I use my Balanced All Rounder Smoothie Recipe, which prioritises sources of veggies, protein and good fats to keep my energy levels strong and brain firing on all cylinders – while still being tasty!

If I’m not that hungry, I will have several cups of herbal tea. (Sam’s note: Phew – it’s not just us!)


To save time in the mornings, my partner and I always make enough dinner to have leftovers the next day. This is always some version of meat and vegetables, but our favourite is a frittata.

Being egg-based, frittatas are one of the most energy-boosting and nourishing recipes going. Eggs are a powerhouse of nutrients, giving us protein, good fats and many vitamins and minerals. I normally throw in some grass-fed bacon and fetta for added protein, pumpkin and sweet potato for a healthy carbohydrate source, and other veggies such as red onion and spinach.

Afternoon Tea: 

If I’ve made a batch of sweet treats on Sunday for the week ahead, I’ll bring along a couple to have in the morning or afternoon if I haven’t made a smoothie.

Being a total sweet tooth, I find it SO helpful to create a sweet but much healthier snack to munch on throughout the week. I normally like something chocolate-based – my Almond Butter Cups (shown above) are an all-time favourite!

Again, if I’m not hungry, I’ll just have one or two cups of herbal tea.


As I mentioned before, dinner is always some form of meat and veggies that we’ll make double of to take for lunch for the next day.

This lamb and sweet potato salad is so easy to throw together after a busy day, and I can usually use whatever’s in the fridge to make the salad. This meal focuses on brightly coloured veggies, with the grass-fed lamb in there as a clean protein source.


As a self-confessed sweet tooth, I’m a little surprised to say I don’t normally eat dessert! If I’ve made up a batch of treats, as mentioned earlier, I might have one or two of those before bed. 

Does anything about Claire’s daily diet surprise you? Which of her recipes would you be most likely to try?

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