A healthy ‘whey’ to lose weight

A healthy ‘whey’ to lose weight

I have to admit that I’m not an advocate of slimming programs that involve surviving on nothing but shakes or so-called slimming bars as this doesn’t present a healthy way to lose weight. What happens when it’s time to start eating real food? You pile on the kilos and you start all over again by looking for the next fad diet to fast-track your way to waif.  Why go to all that effort when you can embark on a weight management program that actually works?

The IsoWhey way

When I heard about the IsoWhey program I was surprised by the all-encompassing nature of its offering. It’s more of a slimming support network, which I see as one of the key reasons why IsoWhey works and what sets it apart from other weight loss solutions on the market. Plus it now has nutritionist, chef, author, presenter, educator and extremely lovely lady Zoe Bingley-Pullin as its brand ambassador. And as Zoe told me when we met in person last week, she won’t promote anything that she hasn’t tried and loved herself.

Despite the fact I don’t need to lose weight, I’m tempted to trial one of the IsoWhey programs. Oh, that’s right – it’s not just a case of one plan fits all; IsoWhey offers four programs to choose from. There’s the:

7-Day Fast-Track Program, which aims to kick-start your slimming solution.

21-Day Break The Habit, incorporating a healthy eating plan and regular exercise regime to break bad habits.

28-Day Rejuvenation, detoxifies and invigorates the body to beat the horrible sluggish feeling. [This is the one that I’m tempted by]

Lifelong Wellness is all about maintaining your current weight with balanced meals and rejuvenating exercises.

You see, slimming down with IsoWhey isn’t just about cutting out the bad foods you crave. It’s about educating yourself on how to eat a balanced and healthy diet, how to incorporate exercise into everyday and understanding what you need to do to maintain weight loss.

Whatsmore, IsoWhey gives you access to an entire support network including cooking tips and meal ideas from their resident chef Janine Royce, exercise videos and advice from personal trainer Ian Chapman, as well as slimming success stories and a community to share with and be inspired by. All this can be found at www.isowhey.com.au.

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