The 24-hour boob job

The 24-hour boob job

Have you always wanted a bigger chest, but never been able to justify getting a permanent breast enhancement?

Well, you may soon be able to experience what it’s like to have larger breasts – if only for 24 hours.

Yep, a New York plastic surgeon is now offering 24-hour boob jobs. The enhancement, which can be performed in a lunch break, allows women to see and feel what it’s like to have a bigger bust for a day.

The procedure involves injecting the breasts with saline solution to give them more volume. Speaking to the UK Mirror, Dr Norman Rowe says the formula is then safely absorbed into the bloodstream over time.  

 “The 24-hour time frame shows patients what they’re going to look like but also what the added weight would feel like.”

Unfortunately, the procedure is pretty exxy, costing $US2500.

On the plus side, it only takes about 20 minutes and if the patient likes the result, the cost of the procedure can be put toward a full augmentation, which starts at around $US10,000.

Sadly for those local ladies lacking DDs, the procedure is not yet available in Australia. In the meantime, I recommend Freezeframe non-surgical BREAST ENHANCER, which contains topical ingredients with a proven ability to enhance breast appearance by stimulating fat tissue. Otherwise, Hollywood Fashion Secrets Silicone Breast Enhancers are great for giving your bust some extra oomph.

Would you get a 24-hour boob job, or are you happy enough just to wear a push-up bra? What are your tips and tricks for getting a bigger bust?

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