10 things we love most about beauty

10 things we love most about beauty

We know you love beauty or else you wouldn’t be in beautyheaven but what do you love most of all about beauty? Are you a lash fanatic, a lipstick lover or perhaps you’re bonkas about brows? Discover the 10 things we heart most about beauty and reveal your very own beauty loves.

“I love that you can wear fluoro orange on your nails and it’s considered on-trend; love the fact that if you make a beauty blunder (i.e. opt for the wrong shade of eyeshadow or end up with a dodgy hair colour) that it can usually be fixed; but ultimately I love that beauty is fun and doesn’t need to be taken too seriously.” – Claire Nance, beautyheaven Beauty Insider

“I love being bold with make-up, but still within my comfort-zone; love that I can wear my fail-safe LBD but I can jazz it up with blue mascara or fuchsia lips. I love being able to experiment with anything and everything because if you don’t like it, one wipe of a face cloth will change it!” – Sarah Macrae, beautyheaven Editorial Assistant

“I love the fact that there are no rules in beauty and no limits to what you can do with it. Whether that be completely changing your look for one evening only, or changing your look permanently. I also love beauty as a creation – it’s amazing how you can create something externally through make-up and appearance and also achieve an emotional response in the form of new-found confidence.” – Vanessa Richards, beautyheaven Copywriter

“I love that you can brighten up your day with some pretty lipstick or bright eyeshadow and I love that you can stay out all night and cover up the evidence with concealer.” – Laina O’Donnell, beautyheaven National Advertising Manager [and obvious late night party animal!]

“I love that as women we can change the way we look depending on our mood. You can feel completely different just through applying lashings of mascara and a bold red lip. I also love that beauty products can make those ugly/bad hair days just that little bit easier to deal with and that an hour at the beauty salon can lift a woman’s confidence by a mile!” – Olivia Mackinnon, beautyheaven Admin Assistant

“I love the fact that there are so many colours available these days to put on our faces! In a sense make-up is a bit like art ­ and the face is the canvas. You can be as bold or as subtle as you want to be, depending on your mood or the outfit you might be wearing.” Kate Moffatt, beautyheaven Social Reporter

What do you love most about beauty?

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