Celebrity fitness fanatics

06 Feb 2012 04:56 AM | Posted by bh's Carli Alman
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Newsflash! Celebrities have to workout to keep their bodies so trim and toned too. Yep, just like us regular, prone-to-weight-gain mortals, Hollywood’s A-listers can’t just eat what they like and not expect to gain an extra centimetre here or there. So they work their butts (quite literally) off to make sure they’re always in shape.

Whether they’re working up a sweat at the gym, burning some calories in a dance class, or strengthening their core during yoga, these celebs certainly aren’t quitters when it comes to their fitness regime.

So if you’re looking for a bit of motivation to get back into your joggers and keeping fit and healthy, take a look at our celebrity gallery to see what these celebs do to keep fit…

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