Is there anything more exciting than a new beauty brand? No, we didn’t think so – which is why we’ve picked a few super cool, uber new beauty brands that are in need of receiving the once-over by our dedicated team of beauty Trial Teamers.
The Discovery Bag is a new concept to beautyheaven – and it’s your opportunity to get to know some of the brands you may not have stumbled upon until now. From digit decorators and skin- perfecting peels to hair amplifiers and out-of-this-world faux glow innovations, we’ve got all bases covered in this month’s Discovery Bag. Why not take a look and see if your next Holy Grail product is lurking inside?


piCture pOlish in Mesh shades - Denim

What we say: piCture pOlish polishes are a range of gel-like lacquers that provide brilliant colour and are long-wearing. No nasty chemicals mean the formulas are safe for all ages.


“I applied two coats, and the colour lasted me for five days without chipping. Then I added a top coat and the colour lasted me five to seven days!!” – sugar_cube
“It dried relatively fast, lasted for a long time on the nail but was easy to remove when it needed to be.” – Cosmetics queen1
 “The polish also had a notably fast drying time. After two minutes my nails are dry to the touch.” – Aleksandra
 “After one week I had to remove the polish even though it was still as perfect as the day I applied it.” – Divine Diva
“I am a big fan of this polish and the brand. Great quality, long lasting, easy to apply, Australian and well priced too!!” – Ms Jelena

“The only negative is that it does take a little longer to dry compared to other nail polishes.” – Senorita
“The brush was slightly difficult [to use] due to the thin tip, it would probably be easier with a wider flat tip.” – Beautifulnightmarex


Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel

What we say: A brilliant way to banish dead skin cells without using a harsh, granular scrub. It soothes as it works to deliver a smoother, brighter, more beautiful complexion.

“[The peel] smells like citrus. It has no gritty pieces like other facial exfoliants, which is a mega plus for me.” – jessticle
“I was very happy with the results I saw after using this product, both instantly and more long-term.” – Aleksandra
“ I have oily/combination skin and it's looking better than it has in ages. My skin is SO super soft and [the peel] has cleared my breakouts right up.” – sugar_cube
 “I have noticed that the appearance of my skin has improved – my skin is now a lot brighter and more radiant!” – Ms Jelena
 “I really like the texture of this enzymatic micro peel – it feels like a creamy moisturiser.” - Senorita

 “The Micro Peel was quite runny and found that applying with your fingers was only just wasting the product.” – Divine Diva
“This product is quite pricey, but a little bit of it goes a long way.” – Ms Jelena

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Custom Tan Rich Self Tanning and Instant Bronze Mousse

We say: The tanning innovation you’ve been waiting for. In just eight hours you can have a foxy faux tan that’s your perfect shade – and if you can’t wait, the bronze mousse will leave you gorgeously golden – instantly.

 “This is the best fake tan I've ever used, hands down!” – jessticle
“My skin was left with a lovely bronzed colour that suited my skin tone perfectly.” – Aleksandra
“I am so pleased it had worked so well even on my sensitive skin and looks natural but adds definite tone and an even flawless finish.” – Beautifulnightmarex
 “I’m really impressed with this tanning mouse as the colour lasted me for 7-9 days!” – sugar_cube
“[The tan] was golden and not orange in the slightest, as well as being hydrating and super smooth.” – Divine Diva

Cons: None!

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Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray

What we say: Add lift and hold to any hairstyle using this volumising hairspray that won’t give you a ‘crunchy’ finish and will work to keep your ‘do in place all day.

“My hair held its place really well and I didn't have that 'hairspray' look that you sometimes tend to get.” – pink shoes
“It held for hours - at least 12 hours - with perfect lift, shine and flex on both curls and even just my normal ponytail.” – Beautifulnightmarex
“I would highly recommend this to anyone with limp, unmanageable hair who wants to add some serious volume and bounce.” – Divine Diva
“There is also no sticky, crunchy or hard look or feel on the hair either.” – Ms Jelena
“This is one of my favourite hairsprays - it does wonders without leaving hair sticky, dry, or greasy looking.” – sugar_cube

“I did find that it was not as effective in really humid conditions.” – jessticle
“It is a little more expensive than your regular supermarket brands, however you only need to use a small amount.” – Divine Diva

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Which product are you most looking forward to trying?