Is this the worst hair day ever?

Is this the worst hair day ever?

I’m sure that in the early hours of the morning, we’ve all grabbed the wrong toothbrush, or used conditioner instead of shampoo in our sleepy haze – but this beauty mishap beats them all.

A photo, presumably taken in an hospital somewhere in Eastern Europe, has surfaced on the internet showing a mystery woman who appears to have confused her hair mousse with builder’s foam.

It also seems as though she must’ve walked under a tree soon after, as her foam afro is covered in leaves and twigs.

Builder’s foam is traditionally used for filling gaps in hard-to-access areas, expanding rapidly to fill the space.

Although it’s unclear whether it really was a case of ‘mistaken beauty product’, we’re definitely going to be double-checking our labels from now on!

Have you ever grabbed and used the wrong beauty product by mistake?

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