Winter hair woes

Winter hair woes

After a run of dry, sunny days, winter has decided to well and truly come to the party and I’ve been unlucky enough to catch its downpour more than once in the last week. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain (especially if it’s falling in the catchment area or on the farms) but my hair, on the other hand, isn’t so approving. So I’m taking action and rain-proofing my locks…

I’m sure you’ve all been there before: smooth, sleek tresses one minute, add a drop of rain and bang, you’ve got a frizz ball the next! And even if you can get your hands on a straightener, your hair just never looks as polished as it did pre-drenching.

So until the sun shines again, I’m rain-proofing my hair. Forget blow-dries and straighteners and curling irons…the only way to maintain tamed tresses in wet weather is to slick it back. Having hair smooth to your head means no amount of rain, wind or hail can ruin it. You’ll look preened and polished all day, plus pulling your hair back takes less than half the time it takes to perform a sleepy straightening session of a morning.

Funnily enough though, the key to sleek hair is water. As you’re pulling your hair back into a bun, spritz a little water on the hair and use a paddle brush to smooth it back. The water will help to tame pesky flyaways. Once the style looks neat, lock it in place with a mist of hairspray. This ensures it won’t frizz up when the water dries. Easy huh? Right now I’m loving a low bun with a side part but a pony, plaits, a high bun – any of these styles will see you through a sleek and stylish winter. 

What’s your weapon against winter hair woes?

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