Why white beauty products are the trend to follow this winter

Why white beauty products are the trend to follow this winter

If the sudden arrival of cold weather has left you feeling anything less than great, then we’ve got you covered! Put down the hot chocolate and step into the beauty cupboard, because we’re certain that trying out a new beauty trend is the best way to cure the winter blues. And we’ve got a bold new trend that’s perfectly suited to winter. Forget brash brights, in the beauty world this season, white is the new black.

You may think white is a tricky shade to pull off, but adding a splash of it to your beauty regime – from eyeliner to nail polish and even hair tools – will  brighten your face and your mood. We’ve put together the top 5 white buys for this winter.

#1: white eyeliner

White eyeliner is the most versatile, on-trend beauty product to add to your regime this winter. It can be used to create both natural and over-the-top looks. A touch of white eyeliner on the inner corners of your eyes is a great way to brighten tired eyes. Benefit’s Eye Bright Pencilis perfect for this, as it has a slight pink tinge and looks totally natural when applied. Alternatively, you can line your upper lash with black eyeliner and your bottom with white. The white eyeliner at the base of your eyes will open them up, and make them appear much larger. To take it up a notch for a night out, draw a winged line over your eyelid with matte, white eyeliner. We recommend MAC Eye Kohl in Fascinating. This is not for the faint-hearted, but will make sure your eyes are the focal point of your face. Be sure to pair this look with lashings of mascara and a nude lip.

#2: white eyeshadow

White eyeshadow is a great addition to your beauty regime. Use it as a base shade on your lids to magnify any colour that you put on top. Alternatively, you can use it alongside other colours to help brighten them. White eyeshadow will really help to make darker colours pop. The SAX Naked Eyes palette features 12 wearable colours, including white, so you can mix it with as many colours as you please. You can even use white shadow on its own for a soft, ethereal look.

White eyeshadow can also double as a highlighter. Brush on the highpoints of your face to give the cheeks an immediate contour, without adding any colour. The top of the cheekbones, down the middle of the nose and along the brow bone are the best places to contour.

#3: white nail polish

White nails are bang on trend this winter. To avoid looking like you’ve applied whiteout to your nails, pick a quality colour. We recommend Essie Nail Colour in Marshmallow, as it’s not too sheer and not too white. The best tip for clean, white nails is to be patient. Apply the first coat and let dry completely, regardless of whether it’s streaky or not. The second coat should be slightly thicker and cover any imperfections. Once the second coat is on, if there are any streaks remaining, apply a very thin, final coat. Apply a clear topcoat for a durable finish.

#4: a bright smile

The best accessory for a fresh face of makeup is a big smile. White eyeliner or shadow will help to brighten your face, but white teeth will do an even better job. The Cleverwhite Dissolving Whitening Strips are great as they help whiten teeth in less than 10 minutes. They are perfect for when you have to rush out the door and still want look great.

#5: a great straightener

Hair can often become dry and frizzy in winter due to the drop in temperature. It’s important to invest in a good quality straightener to combat this dreaded frizz. The ghd White Eclipse Hair Straightener is just as effective as its black partner, but way better looking for winter (and will look great in your beauty cupboard). Now available in a high-shine, white gloss finish, the ghd White Eclipse proves that white really is the new black.

Which white products would you most like to try? Have you tried the new white nail trend?   

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