Wash wonderings

Wash wonderings

Q: I tend to wash my hair at night before I go to sleep, so I don’t have to wake up early and tend to it in the morning, I’ve heard this is bad for it – is that true?

A: I understand that when you’re busy it seems like a good idea to wash your hair the night before so that you can hit snooze in the morning, however, try to avoid it! ”¨Most people will have frizzy and unruly hair if they let their hair air-dry, this is because they are not smoothing down the hair cuticle like they would when they are blow-drying. ”¨Hair is also weaker when wet, so its not a good idea to be rubbing your hair on your pillow as you sleep because this will cause more breakage.”¨ If you can’t avoid washing your hair the night before the best advice is to towel dry or quickly blow-dry your hair as much as possible to remove excess moisture, then secure your hair in a very loose plait. This will help protect the hair from friction while you sleep.

– Lindsey Taemeka, Salon Manager of Oscar Oscar Salon, Paddington, Sydney

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