Wedding Beauty: 10 I Dos and I Don’ts


Brides, you want to look your most ravishing, radiant self on your wedding day, so don’t blow it over something as simple as forgetting to perfect your base.

To get you properly prepped, preened and primped, here’s what you need to know (and what not to do). No regrets, no nervous breakdowns or breakouts and definitely no poodle hair.


Take a test drive

Always test out your hair and make-up before the big day. Have your trial at least three weeks – but no more than five – before your wedding, and if you’re planning on fauxing a bronzed glow, have your trial done with the same tan you plan on using for your wedding day. You want to ensure your make-up artist can see what colour your skin becomes with the tan.

bh tip: Wear a white top to your trial so you can see how your make-up looks against the pale colour.

Wear the perfect smile

A bride will spend more time on her wedding day smiling than any other day of her life, so it pays to wear a winning grin. In the weeks leading up, switch to a whitening toothpaste like Colgate Optic White that features whitening ingredients used by the pros that work beyond surface stain removal to deeply whiten teeth. It’s a dentist’s worst kept secret (you didn’t hear it from us!).

To thine own self be true

Experimenting with your beauty look on the big day is one of the most common beauty mistakes brides make. Don’t fall into obvious and outdated bridal traps – just do what feels right for you. If your usual beauty look is au naturale, today is not the day to attempt a smokey eye. You want to aim to look like the best version of yourself, now that’s a beautiful bride. 

Hydrate, inside and out

Many ceremonies and photography sessions take place outside in the sun, and skimping on the SPF could easily see you transform into a lobster before your guests very eyes. Before getting prettied, remember to slather on the SPF and don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. You might have your bridesmaids on lippie patrol, but don’t forget to remember the most important thing of all: your health.

bh tip: SPF and flash photography aren’t the best of friends, and though you might be keeping your skin safe and protected, there’s a risk you could end up ghost-faced in some of your evening photos. The ingredients known for causing “flashback” are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which work to reflect the sun’s rays – and the flash of a camera! When looking for a sunscreen or foundation for your wedding day, keep an eye out for the ingredient octinoxate. The chemical works to absorb the UV rays, rather than reflect it

try these: MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation, Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector Broad Spectrum SPF40, Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF

Prep thy hair

No bride wants limp, lifeless hair on her big day, so to ensure your mane is looking magnificent, start upping your haircare routine. The key is in the preparation, and it starts in the shower. If you’ve got fine or thinning hair, don’t rely solely on styling products to give you volume. Sud up with évolis® shampoo for women to instantly volumise the hair. And brides-to-be, don’t make the mistake of sporting second day hair. Clean hair can be styled just as well (that’s what styling products are for!), and nobody wants permanent, photographic evidence of greasy strands. Trust us, you won’t regret it.  

Prime like you’ve never primed before

Second only to your Maid of Honour, primer is your wedding day BFF. To avoid any melting make-up mishaps and creasing, wear primer underneath your foundation to fill in pores and lines, and give your skin an illuminated finish that will enhance your wedding day glow. 

try these: e.l.f. cosmetics Essentials Eyelid Primer,  NARS Pro-Prime Pore-Refining Primer, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Perfector, Clinique Superprimer Face Primer


Dabble in new products 

Now is not the time to develop an allergy. Avoid booking in for facials with unfamiliar products which can lead to breakouts or rashes. Instead, establish a well-balanced, tried and tested skin care regime in the months prior to the big day. You’ll thank yourself later for passing on that ‘gentle facial’ treatment.

Drastically change thine appearance

This includes everything from cutting or dyeing your hair to having your brows done somewhere new. Even swapping manicurists is a dicey game to play, and it’s not fun when you lose. 

Wax the day before

Say it with me – “I will never wax within 48 hours of a big event.” Sure, you might be able to disguise a red lip or brow with a thick concealer, but the flush will peek through, right at the point you’re having your first ‘husband and wife’ photos. And though you can’t see it, the same rule applies to your bikini line. Give yourself a few days to recover, or potentially risk walking down the aisle with baby-powdered thighs.

Tan too close to the day

Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re doing the right thing by tanning as close to the wedding as possible to make sure it’s still fresh, because the problem is, it’s too fresh. Being seven shades darker than your normal self is not how you want to be remembered on your wedding day, and your dress won’t appreciate the brown stains, either. And things like orange hands and streaky tans can be fixed if you tan early enough. 

bh tip: Avoid oompa-loompa status by trialling your tan several times before the day. After all, practice makes perfect. 

What tips do you have for looking your best on your wedding day?

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