We played a blinder…

We played a blinder…

I know that – try as you might – you simply can’t always visit me everyday. I wish you could but I get it, you lead busy lives and sometimes it gets to 9pm and you think, crikey, I haven’t had my beautyheaven fix yet!

So forgive me, those who did visit, if I’m repeating myself. But you see last week, we did something that we’ve never, ever done before on beautyheaven: a blind test Trial Team. And I was a tad excited.

We sent our trusty turquoise Trial Teamers three products to try, but didn’t tell them what they were. Of course, we specified what the actual products were (a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner) and how to use them properly but we left out the brand and product name. Tricksters aren’t we?

But the reason we did this was because the products are sooo good – according to the brand behind them – that they are proven to leave you with up to 90 per cent less split ends. 90 per cent. Wow.

Of course we were scared, not that the products wouldn’t perform, we’d all been trialling them in the office as soon as they arrived and were sold – bh HQ was suddenly a sea of even glossier, healthier hair. And spilt ends? Pfft. Not a single one in sight.

But what would our Trial Teamers say? Would they refuse to trial something that wasn’t branded? Or would they be excited to have a bit of mystery in their lives? Would they guess the brand and spoil the surprise? We had a nail-biting and exciting week as we waited, with baited breath, for the results to roll in.

So what was the verdict?

Well have a look for yourself ladies. The results speak for themselves

How do you feel about blind testing? Would you happily take part if we did something like this again? Or do you prefer to know which products you’re testing?

Ooh and if you haven’t done so already, remember to enter the newsletter exclusive competition this week!

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