Warning: superstar faux pas

Warning: superstar faux pas

While David Beckham (and sons) can pull off a near perfect Mohawk – or any style for that matter – we’re not convinced that the two-tone ‘comb-hawk’ (combed-over Mohawk) is suitable for gorgeously glam Rihanna.

My first reaction was… ‘ah, beauty rebellion’, she’s lashing out with her looks as a method of distracting us from the personal issues surrounding her. (Sorry Ri, we all still remember and still dislike Chris Brown!)

While she does have a somewhat flawless face with funky features, I can’t help but wonder why RiRi couldn’t just opt for her trademark bright polish. She’s been setting trends like it’s no-one’s business with her bright green nails – so we’re guessing she’d love, love, love Jessica Mauboy II by Bloom – a deep, metallic myrtle-green.

She’s also no stranger to a colourful liner, so no doubt she’d create a look we’d all covet with her trusty Inika Mineral Cosmetics Organic Eye Liner in Purple Minx.

What do you think about RiRi with a Mohawk?

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